Tuesday Things- The First Edition

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Tuesday Things- edited

I wanted to find a new way to share random funny, happy, interesting, and scary things.  I hope you will enjoy this new format made especially for Tuesdays!  Sometimes I’ll feature big medical word things and sometimes I won’t.  Is that ok with y’all? You people are pretty easy going so I bet you’re good with it.

First up.  Read this and laugh.

God creating bees

Next.  I recently came across this unique jewelry.  Each ring is handmade and one of a kind.  They are all fantastic.  Look at this one called enchanted forest.  Check out the collection at http://www.mysecretwood.com  It’s ok, you can giggle about that name.

enchanted forest ring

In honor of the Olympics.  It’s all about perspective.

ski jumping rabbit

This was posted in a vintage group I follow. I can’t imagine why her granddaughters don’t want it in their bedroom.  Isn’t there a cheaper way to have unending nightmares?

vintage for sale

Look at this adorableness. Here’s a fun tidbit: my brother can never remember the word Mennonite and always accidentally uses the word marionette instead.

marionette lady

In the 1904 Olympics, an American, Fred Lorz, hitched a ride in a car for most of the marathon then only ran the last 4 miles.  Oh Fred.  That was the olden day steroid I guess.

In 1960 Muhammed Ali won the gold for boxing in Rome.  He did have a bit of a fear of flying though so he flew with a parachute on.  It’s always good to be prepared.

I spent a number of hours that I don’t want to admit working on this.  It does make me laugh though.  I see the resemblance.

Ross and Tilly 2

This next one makes me giggle.  Mostly because I’ve totally been there.  The other day I asked Tom to bring me four microwaves.  I meant Ibuprofen obviously.  He should have known.

Go have a happy Tuesday!



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