National Relaxation Day- My Top 6 Ways

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The wise old internet is telling me that today is national relaxation day.  As I’ve mentioned before, everyday is national something day now.  If it’s an excuse for me to eat donuts or pizza then I don’t really have a reason to mock it, although I do think it’s a bit ridiculous.

But… who am I to mock the wise internet.

frankie say relax

How does one relax? Well, in the olden days my favorite ways to relax were sitting in my sauna or taking a hot bath.  As you might have guessed, my body no longer finds those activities as relaxing now.

My Top 6 Spoonie Ways to Relax

  • Reading a book, in the shade, with a refreshing beverage 
    • I’m currently reading Don’t Stand too Close to a Naked Man by Tim Allen.  It’s light, funny, and easy reading.
    • In the way of refreshing beverages I prefer coffee, iced coffee, blended almond milk and unsweetened cocoa with some banana and sometimes peanut butter thrown in, a mimosa, a smoothie, anything with Malibu rum, Mike’s hard lemonade, or even just a fancy water with cucumber and lemon slices.
  • Painting 
    • I know this seems silly, but taking my mind off of health everything for a moment really does help me to relax and be able to focus attention elsewhere.  I use acrylic paints and paint whatever makes me happy.  I don’t worry about trying to sell the paintings so there is no added stress there.  In fact, most of my friends make fun of me because it is well known that I keep my paintings in the drawer.
  • Wood Burning
    • Crafting is not relaxing for everyone.  In wood burning though, I am usually following a line of some sort so there isn’t a ton of thinking necessary.  I enjoy the smell of the wood burning and the fact that I can go as slow as I want and really just enjoy the art of it.  Admitting that I enjoy any type of art is still so very odd to me, but it is true.
  • Games with the husband
    • Games help to take your mind off of other stresses.  When I’m busy counting or thinking two moves ahead, I’m rarely also thinking about cleaning out my car and the laundry that needs to be done.
    • We play card games such as 2-player pinochle, speed, Egyptian rat screw, and Kings in the corner.  We also play Mille Bornes, Five Crown, Cribbage, Mancala, and Trouble.  Sometimes Tom makes me play ConnectFour, but once upon a time long ago I had been enjoying adult snow cones at Dave and Buster’s and got confused by that game thinking it was connect five so I hold a grudge against that game.  Plus even completely sober I’ve always been terrible at it!
  • Baking
    • I realize not everyone can relate to this, but there is serious joy in smelling scones baking.  It always makes me extra relaxy to sit back with a cup of a coffee and a scone fresh out of the oven.  It’s a very happy feeling and you should definitely try it if you haven’t!
  • TV/Movies
    • There are times that vegging out and staring at the TV is necessary.  I pretty much always pick a comedy of some sort because that is just who I am.

I enjoy being outside with the animals too very much!  I used to really enjoy going for a nice walk; I still do but it’s just not quite as relaxing now, or as long.  Either way, the animals are very good at chilling.

goat nap

dog nap

What are your favorite ways to relax?

Have your ways to relax changed since chronic illness (if you’re one of my spoonie followers)?

Do you think I should go make peach scones right now? You do? Ok fine.

Let your hair down and relax today!

monk beach




  1. Yep how I relax changed a lot. I always preferred being outside sitting on a beach or in a forest walking or reading a book. Now the logistics of leaving the house are too much. So I read, write, color and always have tv or radio for company. I don’t enjoy cooking, but I’d be happy to eat a scone you just baked. 😜

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  2. madrenellie says

    #1: boating. Any time I am in the river the currents carry away my concerns
    The other ways
    Are similar to yours, except I can
    And do sauna. Your views and animals can put me in a trance.

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