The Sky is Falling… and it’s Beautiful

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If you were following my blog in early July, you know how strongly I feel about borrowing other’s firework shows for free.  I never understood all of the complaints called into the police.  “They are the really big and amazing and probably cost $4000 and I didn’t pay a penny for it and I’m watching it for free and that makes me mad!” Well, that’s what I usually heard anyway.

I believe in free shows.

This includes shows put on by God as well.  Recently, we had a huge thunder and lightning storm.  A friend and I sat on the deck watching in awe.  Here are a few of the pictures I took from our deck.

lightning 1

lightning 2

lightning 3

If you weren’t aware, the Perseid meteor shower is going on currently, and is supposed to be beautiful for the next two nights too.   I was telling Tom that it’s too bad we don’t have an air mattress.  He went and got our queen mattress from our room and brought it out.  We had a campout last night on our deck and slept under the stars and the meteor shower.  I saw over 35 and I loved it.  Oh, and look at this next picture.  Do you see it?  It’s a Tom smile.

campout 4

campout 3

Hero was pretty excited about the bed being outside.  He enjoyed the slumber party for sure.  Oh, and Sarge too!  There he is on the bed behind Tom.

campout 2

Plus, sleeping outside means waking up to this.

campout 1

Not too bad, right?

Ok, go outside and have a slumber party at your house tonight.  Between midnight and dawn is the best time to see them.  A NASA meteor expert says this year we should see double the amount of other years, between 150 and 200 per hour during peak times.  Be spontaneous. Live on the edge. Watch it tonight!

Oh, and like your neighbors’ illegal fireworks show, it’s free.

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