Free Door & a New Goat

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As I’ve said before, I like garage sale-ing and hitting up barn sales, etc.  A couple months ago, Tom was laying in bed and looking on Craigslist on his phone.  He mentioned that someone was getting rid of an old door for free and that it was most likely gone already.  Just for kicks, I sent an email.  She said it was available and we could pick it up.  The reason I’m telling you all of this is to explain how unbearable Tom was after this little incident.

“Wow babe, I’m the master garage sale-er.  Without even leaving the bed I found something great, oh and it was free.”

So that was annoying.

Here’s how we changed it up.

free door

We taped over the rusty hinges and added red paint.  The great thing about trying to achieve the old and chippy look, is that sanding is not necessary.  We painted it red, and as the peeling parts fall off, it will only look that much better.  We also changed the chains that were holding the shelf to ropes instead because it fit better with the rustic/farm look.  Tom harvested me some barbed wire and made a couple layered wreaths for me.  I love that look.  I added a simple empty frame with burlap.

I suppose it is fitting to merge this post into introducing our new goat baby because she seems to think this is her throne.

Maizy 2

Maizy 3

Meet Maizy.  She’s a Nigerian Dwarf.  She’s agile and super social.

The other girls have not chosen to fully embrace her as of yet.  Bailey had some serious conversations with dad about what is appropriate and what is not.  She’s making good progress.  At one point this evening we were sitting in our chairs on the porch and Tilly and Bailey were cuddling together in front of the deck.  Little Maizy was trying to join in casually.  I told Tom it was a bit like watching NatGeo Wild.  He then began to narrate with his best crocodile hunter accent.

“The timid outsider cautiously approaches the herd.  She is sighted by other members of the pride.  She continues slowly along on her way.  The herd appears to be quite fatigued, yet the fair one still manages to throw up into her mouth to re-chew her food, a practice that while necessary disgusts the Queen of the land (me, and it does). 

As of this evening, we were able to confirm that all three girls were cuddled up in the goat pen together, so don’t worry.  They’ll be best friends soon enough.

She has great potential on our little farm.

Maizy sunglasses edited

I hope you’re all enjoying your week!  I’m crazy worn out from going back to physical therapy this week.









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