Scattergories; Grocery Store Edition

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The Brain Gym

It’s Sunday.  Don’t let your brain completely turn off.  Just to prove it’s still working, play along on some Scattergories with me.

scattergories edited

For this one, each word must start with the first letter of the street you currently live on.

For instance, if you are to name a food from the deli, and you live on Harrison st, you could say ham as your answer.  Get it?

Please post your answers in the comments at the bottom! The street I live on starts with an ‘s’, so I’ll be using that letter.

  1. Item in the produce section: strawberries

  2. Item in the deli: smoked Gouda (this might be cheating because I said an adjective.  Ya, I’m pretty sure it is.  I could only think of this or sliced something which is still cheating)

  3. Item in the bakery: scones (P.S. I LOVE scones)

  4. Item found in the butcher section: sausage

  5. Item found in the freezer section: spinach (I use frozen spinach in a bread bowl dip I make, so I know it’s there)

  6. Item found in the checkout line: Snickers Mmmm

  7. Item found in the pharmacy: sleep aid

  8. Item found in the parking lot: shopping cart

  9. Item found in the beer section: Summer Shandy (2 points)

  10. Item found in the candy section: Sixlets


Good job putting your brain to work on this lazy Sunday!  Get yourself some Sixlets, smoked gouda, and a sleep aid to celebrate…  Or just water and Gatorade.  By the way, did you know there is a new flavor of Gatorade?  Cucumber Lime.  If you’re a big cucumber fan you just might like it.  I feel like it is the flavor of Gatorade a spa would serve probably.

If you don’t like Scattergories, you can just watch Chandler and Ross play Bamboozle instead because everyone knows it’s the ‘best game ever’!



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  1. madrenellie says

    2. Fries (your deli item could have been salad)
    3.french bread
    4. Fish
    5. Frozen pizza
    6. $5 bill
    7. Fosamax
    8. Ford
    9. I don’t drink, so I sub coffee: folgers
    10. Fire balls

    I need to change address, f is hard

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