Drink Up!

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It’s officially time for the countdown to begin for my first air travel since all the POTS fun began.

Maybe I’m a touch nervous about flying.  I’m making my lists of medical supplies I need to have with me for any different symptom or situation.  I am starting to feel more prepared.

Hydration is huge.  People who don’t deal with dysautonomia are more likely to become dehydrated on an airplane.  Since those with dysautonomia dehydrate even easier, it is much more of a concern for air travel.  Drinking massive amounts of electrolytes and water during the days leading up to air travel is imperative.  Nobody says exactly what will happen, but from what most doctors have mentioned in warning, if I were to get dehydrated I would almost surely be hospitalized.  According to dysautonomia international, dehydration is one of the worst states a POTS patient can be in.

And so, like a good little patient, I’m drinking.

Tomorrow I pick up my portable oxygen concentrator.  To rent it, I had to get a hard copy of my prescription, as well as have my doctor sign the airline paperwork and print it out on his office letterhead.

I’ve spent the morning reads blogs of others with POTS and what kind of issues and symptoms they dealt with for flying so that I can be prepared for anything hopefully.

I am prepared for hot or cold temperature issues.  I will have layers and my small water spraying fan in case I get overheated.

I am prepared for nausea with crackers, tummy drops, Mentos, TUMS and Gavisgon, prescription meds, and I’ll buy Gatorade and 7up at the airport after security.

I am prepared for tremors with prescription meds.

I am prepared for shortness of breath with oxygen.

I am prepared for weakness with wheelchair for the airports.

I am prepared for drops in blood pressure with salty snacks and salt tablets.

I am praying for no turbulence since several people said that accelerates dizziness and headache.

My electrophysiologist said that she thinks I’ll be just fine.  She said if I was flying the plane she would be worried.

I feel like I’ve done all I can do and I’m completely prepared and ready.  Not to worry, I’ll update y’all after I know how it went!

Because I care about you, I’ve put a few of my favorite flying tv and movie moments here if you need a smile.

Bye, Norm.


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And of course…

i got off the plane gif



  1. madrenellie says

    Try to be less Irish with tsa! And I didn’t see you mention compression socks. Everything helps.


    • No I didn’t but that’s because of temperature issues. It’s hard to quickly take them off if I get super nauseas or fainty. That’s more of an issue than blood pooling.


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