Life is a Goat Rope

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Funny Farm Stuff / Hold My Gatorade and Watch This

Goat rope definition: A confusing and disorganized situation, often marked by human error.

Goat rope definition from urban dictionary: When good intentions go bad, messily.  Example: Man, that’s the last time I help you move; what a goat rope.

So ya, most of life really is just a goat rope if you think about it.  These last few days have been marked by me choosing to do things that I know I can’t really do without severe consequences.  I went grocery shopping and didn’t use the riding cart.  I made homemade french fries and baked a cake (I tried to sit as much as I could, but I bent down way too much).  Oh, and yesterday after the grocery shopping and the baking, I learned how to rope, because why not?

We were sitting and chatting after eating (me using oxygen because of said prior choices) and my aunt mentioned that she had always wanted to learn how to lasso, to which my husband responded, “I’ve got the rope, a hay bale, and the practice head.”

Because who doesn’t have all of that in the garage, really?

lasso tom 2

See, this is how it’s supposed to go, which was simple for Tom.

lasso sheri cheat

That’s aunt Sheri cheating.

lasso tom smile

That’s my handsome man right there showing us how it’s done.

lasso amy

There I am, acting like I know what I’m doing.  It’s all in the wrist.

If you were wondering if goats like to be roped, watch this video.  Part of the video is just the ground and a tree because I was laughing WAY too hard to focus.  But, it’s enough that you can see how it all went down.

My personal favorite is the angry yell after fainting.  Those goats learned pretty quick to run away if dad was near them with that rope.  Both of the dogs got roped too and neither was too impressed by it.

Oh and here’s Bailey, reaching a new level of laziness.  Essentially if she were a human, she’d be laying in a pizza box and eating it.  Oh Bailey girl.  She’s probably stress eating from dad roping her.

lazy bailey

Just an average Saturday afternoon at our house.  What did the rest of you do?  If you need me, I’ll be on my couch with my feet up, chugging water all day trying to recover.

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