Passing Out + Water Activities

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I was born and raised here in North Idaho.  I’ve always loved the lake and river.  We have had a family boat for as long as I can remember.   I learned to swim on my own when I was one, but as a toddler I was swimming end to end in any pool without a life jacket.  As far as boating, I was allowed to swim off the boat in the middle of the lake without a life jacket at the age of 4 (of course with supervision though).  I was usually swimming as early as May and as late as October.  We would boat as often as possible when I was younger (which I think now looking back was a combination of my parents’ work schedule + ability to afford gas for boat).

Our boat was also a portable campsite.  It was big enough to sleep my mom, dad, my brother, me and a guest or two, who were usually my aunt and uncle.  We used to do overnight trips on it and it was always super fun!  My mom made special menus with cute names for the meals she planned.  I recall Bumper Burgers especially.  I’m pretty sure there were life preserver donuts for breakfast too.

Either way, the point of all this rambling is to make it clear that I enjoy the lake and river in the summer!  A couple days ago my aunt invited us to come play at the lake with her for the day and we jumped on that opportunity!  Carter had a new blow-up motorized boat toy that we had got him and he had yet to try.

We packed up the necessities:

  • Lunch (I made super gourmet tuna sandwiches- which Carter says I make the best in the world, baked ruffle pop chips, cut up cantaloupe and pineapple, fruit snacks, tortilla chips, and guacamole.  Oh and maybe a frozen adult beverage and some beer.
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • My hat
  • POTS Go Bag including oximeter, salt tablets, Midodrine, and of course emergency meds for tremors or extreme nausea
  • Oxygen tank
  • Oh and we stopped for coffee on the way, the most important! (it’s a toss up between oxygen and coffee)

Off we went for a day of fun!

lake day selfie

Now, when asked about it, my physical therapist said water activities would be good for me as long as I have someone very nearby, am never alone in the water, and am wearing a life jacket if I’m swimming a long way, but again have someone to flip me over if I pass out.

My electrophysiologist also said swimming would be a good exercise choice as long as someone was available to pull me out of the water should I pass out.

I’m not going to lie: that is a scary thought for me.   Either way, this isn’t the first and it won’t be the last scary thing I’ll encounter with POTS.

I want to share my victory of the day first!  I tried out paddleboarding and I successfully did it!

lake day paddleboarding

Picture proof: Aunt Sheri and I paddleboarding!  I’m so happy I got to try it out.  One thing to note about this activity though is that it is standing in one spot, which is one of my hardest tasks.

Now, I did not pass out.  I did get pretty tired, but that was expected.  I knew before we went to the lake for the day that I’d be down in recovery for at least 2 days after, but again I made the choice to have fun when the opportunity was there.

At one point while paddlin’, my aunt was starting to tell me about what I could do and I recall her saying, “If you engage your core” and that’s the last thing I remember before being underwater.  HAHA.  While I was going underwater of course my first thought was oh crap my sunglasses not oh I should plug my nose if I don’t wanna inhale most of the lake through my nose, so that was unfortunate.  My sunglasses are fine though!  As I was coming up to the surface I saw Tom jumping in off the dock and swimming out to me.  As he grabbed me I asked him if I scared him.  He said no, he just knew how quickly I could get tired and he wanted to make sure I was ok to make it to the board and get back into shore.  He didn’t let go until I was back sitting on the board and paddling in.

Say what you want, but I think that guy likes me.

lake day t and a

I was kind enough to not post the video of him falling off the paddleboard, but the only reason I feel ok laughing at him is because there are like two things in the world that I can do better than him, and apparently paddleboarding is one of them.

Although, how cute is this?  There was a tiny puppy with us at the lake and he gave him a ride.

lake day T and Q

Carter and I skipped the stairs up the hill and tried out the lift.  I can always count on him to hang with me!

lake day lift

This would have been quite a steep hike for this POTSIE girl!

lake day lift looking down

Here is Carter’s new motorized water toy.  It’s pretty cool!  It runs on batteries and drives around, as well as shoots water up to 20 feet.  That part was less cool, in my opinion.

lake day C

I hope the rest of you are taking opportunities as they come along to enjoy summer!  As far as my fellow other potsies out there, do any of you do water sports/activities?  Do you also find it a bit terrifying?  What do your doctors say?

Lastly, I leave you with this picture of pure beach happiness!  Go forth and find yourself some happy today!

lake day q and flip flops








  1. It’s so nice to see y’all not letting POTS get you down….I love that you still get to enjoy the little pleasures in life even if they come with a caveat.

    BTW, ADORABLE puppy!!


  2. I really enjoy your writing. You have a great sense of humor and an excellent outlook. I don’t know how you write so often, but I’m always glad to see your posts in my inbox. You should submit your posts to it’s a website specially for and written by people with disabilities and not only should your writing be published, but the site could really use a bright outlook like yours. Many of the articles focus on the struggles, which makes sense, but they lack humor and a brighter perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww… thank you! That’s so kind of you. I’m happy to know I’m helping you smile. I’ve published 5 articles with the mighty. I’m always working on sending them more upbeat and happy ones though! I agree, so many are all about the bad and the sad!


  3. madrenellie says

    Aunt Sheri is the best and cute as a button too! I think you are right to have the fun and pay the cost later. I’ve had that mindset for years. People used to tell me if you have to take a pain pill to ride in the boat, you should skip the boat. My Rheumatologist says the pain pills are so you can enjoy life.

    Liked by 2 people

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