Beer Me Strength

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Where to start?

Yesterday I cooked lunch and baked brownies, which of course ruined my body.  No big surprise there.

I had a hair appointment in the afternoon and I was determined to go.  I thought I had calmed my body down enough to drive.  I didn’t.  I pulled over to throw up, pass out, and cry.  So that was fun.  I regained enough strength to drive to a gas station after I texted my mom one of those fun S.O.S. texts “meet me at this gas station”.  She took me to my hair appointment, made sure I had ice water, and then went next door to buy me delicious coffee.  Then she stayed for the whole appointment and gave me a ride back to my Jeep at the gas station.  Mom to the rescue.

Tom made me a snack plate for dinner.  Yum.

As the night went on, nausea got more and more intense.  At one point I walked into the garage to get myself a can of Gingerale.  As I walked back into the house I promptly passed out on my can of Gingerale.

passed out on Gingerale

But look how great my hair looks.  I love that rich color with no grey hair in sight.

Tom woke me up and got me in bed with oxygen and a glass of ice for my Gingerale.  The night included tears and failing body and anger and just stupid unhappiness.

This morning I got up and got 30 minutes of biking done.  Victory.  The rest of the morning and early afternoon included sobbing to anyone and everyone.  Tom, the insurance company, the disability company, the pharmacist, and my aunt.  So that was unfortunate.

Tom got me two big bowls of popcorn covered in salt, a trough of water, and managed to get me to stop crying long enough to actually take a nap.  I’m tear free since waking up from my nap.  THREE CHEERS FOR TOM!

no more tears

Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day both physically and emotionally.  I partly dread it, but I know I need the closure that will come from it.  (Don’t you like how vague I’m being?)  Not to worry, I’m certain there will be a blog post tomorrow night or Saturday.  Rest assured.

Anyways, this clip comes to mind as I prepare for tomorrow’s events.

If you’re a prayer-sayin’ type o’ person, would you mind keeping me in your prayers tomorrow? I’d sure appreciate it!


  1. Ummmm you look dead in this photo. Thank goodness there is no blood to go along with that theory….you are definitely in my thoughts. You are strong! Keep it up!

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  2. michaelamthompson says

    Not to worry my dear I will be right by your side…well really hiding in a corner somewhere hoping no one notices I’m there. On the bright side I am the queen of the fast get away. Tug on your right ear 👂 after tossing your hair back and I will get you out of there in a jiffy or steal third! 😎

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