Zombie Attack or Goats are Inside

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These were the only logical solutions that Tom could come up with when he awoke to that screaming noise in the night.

Well, rest assured.  No zombies were attacking and the house was goat free.  Just me, screaming in my sleep again.  Poor Tom.

First off, this is going to be my new response when someone asks how I slept.

chandler laugh

I went to bed around 9 and I couldn’t get to sleep until about 1 am.  Why couldn’t I sleep you ask?  Well, it could be really any reason.

It could have been the pain.

everything hurts

It could have been that I didn’t have any whale songs.

whale songs gif

It could have been that I was both starving and terribly nauseas.

pizza gif

It could have been perhaps that my heart was two sizes too small.


We may never know.

Unfortunately, during that one hour between 1 and 2 am, Tom said he had to wake me up FOUR times due to whimpering, screaming, and crying nightmares.

He finally got Sarge and put him on my pillow with me.  I woke up again around 4, but then slept all the way until 7.

While Tom was getting ready this morning he made sure to point out that I owed Sarge a Thank-You because the only hours I slept nightmare-free last night were while he was snuggling me.

So, say what you want about dogs, but…

dogs cliff

Just kidding, but seriously.

But kidding.





  1. This is freaking hilarious! Well, about the dog, that is. Pets can be the best cures. And I’m totally NOT kidding about the cliff thing. I would totally save my dog over any human…but then again it’s me, so no surprise there. ha ha

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  2. Colleen Knauber says

    I’m shocked you know Sarge so little! He would save himself and everyone else as well. God knew what he was doing with dogs…We need them.
    Since Buck has to hide under the bed when I sneeze I don’t think he’d be up for nightmare duty.
    This is payback for all those two in the morning biting frenzied playtimes Sarge had when he was a puppy. He’s happy to help.


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