“Snapchat That”

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It’s no big secret that my husband thinks Snapchat is ridiculous, stupid, and as he says is only used by ‘drug dealers, prostitutes, 14 year old girls, and teachers sending nudes to students’  (apparently that happened I guess, Eeek).  Anyways, he fails to see how it could be funny or entertaining between friends, although to be fair, he does work in a field where he predominately sees it used in criminal ways.

Anyways, if I’m messing with my phone he will say phrases like

  • “are you hashtag snapchatting?”
  • “Hashtag Snapchat Instagram Facebook OMG BTW”

And other obnoxious Tom-isms.

You guys need to realize when I got this guy he still had a G’Zone flip phone.  It was in no way smart, however it could take a Tom beating.  It had been run over, flown off of his patrol car at 70+ MPH on the freeway, and been submerged in water more than once and it was no worse for wear.  Every time technology changes, Tom has an old man tantrum.  I laugh and roll my eyes and say I can’t wait until he’s a ‘grumpy old man’.

So the other day we were at the doctor’s office and he could tell I was doing something on my phone and he asked if I was snapchatting.

Just then, (I can’t believe I’m blogging about this) he leans to the side in his chair and lets out a serious man fart (sorry Hester, I mean toot).  As I’m making my horrified face, with a straight face he looks at me and says “Snapchat that”, which leads to him basically falling out of his chair laughing.  Me not so much.

I am instantly appalled and worried that the doctor will come into the room any second and I fully planned on throwing him right under that bus and explaining that any odor in the room was not due to the girl in the classy gown on the table.

Oh, and this isn’t really the best advertisement, but if you wanna follow me on Snapchat, my name is puckinpurty1211.

He might fart in doctor’s offices and say ‘snapchat that’ and then laugh uncontrollably, but he’s still the most romantic and incredible guy I know.

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