Home Fill Oxygen- User Friendly?

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Ok. I realize I am operating with a less than optimal body, but damn, setting up the in-home oxygen tank to refill cylinders is not exactly user friendly.

Let me walk you through it.

First and foremost, the youtube video to walk you through it is NINE FREAKING MINUTES long.  It starts out by explaining why your doctor prescribed you oxygen.  Ok, I already know that part.  So that’s annoying.

About 3 minutes into the video the phrase “extremely easy to operate” is mentioned.  I respectfully disagree.

Step 1: Make sure it is 3 inches away from walls or drapes.

Step 2: Install the Ready-rack (insert inappropriate joke here) on concentrator.

Step 3: Place the extremely heavy homefill unit on the ready rack, using care to avoid pinching any fingers (which is nearly impossible).  Also, you have to do this twice if you don’t move the squiggly clear hose first.

Step 4: Make sure the power is off.  Plug one end of the cord into the back of the homefill compressor unit and the other end into the wall.

Step 5: Connect compressor to the concentrator using the clear squiggly hose.  Oh, and points to connect it to are carefully hidden, so save time for that treasure hunt.

Step 6: Turn on the concentrator for 20 minutes before using the homefill to try to fill a cylinder.

Step 7: Set the oxygen flow rate to 3L or less to avoid explosion and certain death.

Step 8: Inspect the cylinder for dents, arc burns, oil or grease before connecting it.  If it is damaged, don’t use it.  (That much I figured out on my own.)

Step 9: Inspect the Oxylock Connector (which is in no way labeled as the oxylock connector) for debris, oil, grease, signs of damage, corrosion inside the valve, or signs of excessive heat or fire damage.

**Sidenote** we are 6:23 into the video and still don’t have the cylinder attached to anything or hooked up

Step 10: Make sure the homefill unit is turned off.

Step 11: Ensure the cylinder pressure is less than 1500 psi before filling.

Step 12: Check the connector on the fill port to make sure the outer ring is in the down position exposing the green dots.  (Hint: Green means Go, Green equals ready to hook it up).

Hang on, need some ice water and more coffee.  Been crawling around on the floor for a while now.

Ok, ready for more steps.

Step 13: Position the ‘cylinder regulator assembly’ in the cradle and align the cylinder fill port with the connector fill port.  Push down on cylinder while pulling up on the outer ring.

Step 14: Listen for click.

Step 15: Turn the homefill compressor ON to begin filling the cylinder.  The Oxygen below normal light will light up for the first 3 minutes.  The filling light will be on while it is filling (this part I understood without instruction).  The full light will come on when it is full (I also got this part).

Step 16: To disconnect your full cylinder, turn the unit off.  Then disconnect from fill port by pushing down on outer ring and pulling up on cylinder.

Step 17: Go make yourself a cocktail (I didn’t see this in the video.  I improvised)

And you’re DONE!  I made this handy dandy little graphic to show just how easy it is.

oxygen concentrator setup edited

Seriously though, you’re telling me elderly people do this themselves?

I’ve seen how many times my grandpa has called my dad about remote control and computer issues.  My brother is in charge of keeping my grandpa’s fantasy football password and there are three people in town responsible for knowing his amazon password.

So I just don’t believe it.




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