Tremoring in the Rain

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Yesterday afternoon and evening I must have overdone it.  Well, I knew it was overdoing it to vacuum, but it was just so satisfying.  I only did the living room and dining room, but It ended with me recovering like this:

post vacuum

How sweet is it that he always comes over to check on me and hang out with me?  You might think there were ulterior motives, but the only ‘food’ I had at the time was a bottle of salt tablets.

I helped make some sides for dinner and even sat on my kitchen stool for most of it, but apparently it was still too much.

Do I regret vacuuming and making sides? No. No I do not.

no ragrets

Sleep didn’t go as planned last night.  I did get a little sleep, but woke up with pain many times.  I remember searching the house for my spray icy-hot in the middle of the night.  Neither Tom nor I could find it.  Clearly, someone broke in and stole only my spray icy-hot.

At some point between 4 am and around 7 I started full body tremors.  I was in pretty strong tremors for around 45 minutes, which is quite the abdominal workout, by the way.  They started while I was on my back and turning over to my stomach didn’t do anything to slow them down.

It was rainy and a bit chilly most of the day.  I enjoy the sun, but I also appreciate free water from God for my tomatoes, flowers, and fruit trees.

Anyways, apparently my body is being a bit dramatic and I’d really appreciate some sleeping tonight.  Minimal pain and no tremoring would be optimal.

ballet effort

I’ll check in again later!  Happy weekend people!


  1. Feeling your tremors!! I should be at a school fete but am sitting here unable to stand without the floor moving under me and clammy til I’m wet through – my black shaggy pal is also lying here with me too. These days poor old boy struggles to stand so we make a right pair. Hope you get some rest x


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