Goat Faint Video & Boring Health Stuff

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I bet I got your attention huh?  It’s just as exciting as you think it will be.  Let me remind you that the goats don’t actually lose consciousness.  Essentially their muscles tighten up when they are excited, startled, or scared, but then stay frozen for about 10 seconds.  Sometimes the muscles of the legs just stiffen up and they do a robot walk type thing and can avoid actually falling over.

Since we got the goat girls I’ve been trying to capture it on video and it seemed they were the toughest and strongest at resisting faints when I was holding my cell phone.

Poor Tilly’s legs didn’t cooperate with her jumping plan this time.  Not to worry; she is just fine.

floor biking

Moving on to health bla bla bla.  If you haven’t left to search Craigslist for fainting goats and you happen to still be reading, here I am doing my ‘lay on the floor biking’ at physical therapy yesterday.  Also, I was having a bit of a rough day.  I got most done, but not everything.  I know it must have been obvious that I was not doing great because my therapist helped me walk over to the table when he declared me done.  While I was laying on the table my favorite receptionist came to tell me about her 4th of July weekend camping.  Her sister broke her foot and another person got a cut and burn on his eye from a firework.  So really I’m in pretty great shape considering.

Today included a doctor’s appointment and grocery shopping, neither of which was I too excited about.  This morning our internet randomly didn’t work.  I had to spend time with tech support to set up a new network and change our password, which caused me to have to go downstairs FOUR times, which meant zero energy left for a shower before doctor.

Exam room fashion

For what it’s worth, I prefer my fashion choice over the doctor’s choice.

Grocery shopping was rather interesting today because I needed to be in my wheelchair.  Tom pushed both the cart and my wheelchair.  He didn’t have any interest in letting me take a picture of him.  This is his ‘oh crap you caught me’ face and my ‘ah-ha! I did it!’ victory smile!

grocery shopping

Behind me is the ice cream.  If you haven’t tried Yassos (which I call Yabbos) mint chocolate chip frozen greek yogurt bars, you are missing out.  They are fantastic and only 100 calories!

My POTS has been pretty symptomatic and episodic both yesterday and today.  I am hoping tomorrow is much better!

I hope you all had a safe and fantastic Independence Day!





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  2. This blog is full of all kinds of stuff, I love it! First of all….watched the goat video just now. At work. Definitely laughed OUT LOUD. Everybody looked at me. That was freaking hilarious. Then I hit replay. Watched again. Laughed OUT LOUD again. Everybody again looked at me. HA HA it was worth the embarrassment.

    I love your like upside down sort of picture at physical therapy. It’s cute. 🙂

    The selfies at the doctor’s office are priceless. What would you do without all the humor? I have no idea. I love enjoying it though.

    Picture of Tom. So typical. Glad you were able to capture that despite his best efforts!!


    • I’m glad you laughed out loud! I’m telling you: they are so freaking funny! Yes, I’m glad I could capture Tom’s “TOM” face too!

      Humor is keeping me alive! Humor and good friends and family checking in with kind words!


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