Ya, I Work Out.

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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Physical Therapy & Exercise

I probably work out just like you do.

I’ll walk you through the steps of how I do it and you let me know if it matches up with how you get your sweat on.

  1. I must make sure I’m not home alone, which by the way is the same rule for showering.
  2. I first have at least 30 or 40 ounces of water, a cup of coffee, a bowl of wheat bran with fruit, and my 9 morning pills.
  3. I usually do at least one or two logic puzzles on my cell phone to wake up my brain.
  4. I set up a chair next to my recumbent bike where I put all of my necessary items.  This includes a big glass of water, salt tablets, oximeter, blood pressure cuff, and a sweat towel because I’ll surely be dripping.  Oh, and of course my cell phone.
  5. If my husband is sleeping after a graveyard shift, then I must make sure I have a long distance babysitter.  I usually text a friend who is good at setting alarms and also knowing what they mean when they go off.  I ask if they can set an alarm for 15 minutes and one for 30 to text me.  If I don’t reply then they call me.  If I don’t answer the call, then they need to call and wake Tom up and tell him to come find his unconscious wife.

Is that the same way y’all work out?

workout supplies

Here’s a snapshot about half way through.

oximeter reading

Oxygen is a teeny bit low, and heart rate is a touch high.

sweaty workout

The important part is that I didn’t pass out, I did sweat a bunch, and I’m still smiling.  I got it done, had lunch and then got sick and spent the next 5 or 6 hours alternating between the bathroom and eating saltines.  But hey, I did it.

This pretty much sums up my thoughts at the end of each workout.

michael scott run

Thanks for the virtual babysitting, Mev!



  1. What is your honest perspective of the logic puzzles? Do you think they help? I was worried I was getting stupid due to no longer having school to challenge my brain. Once my work shift ends my brain just kind of goes to the way side each day. So I started doing some logic games on my phone….it was short lived but I did enjoy it at one time. I kind of felt like it helped too. I think it’s important we continue to engage and challenge our brains even as we get older. I seriously feel/felt like I am/was getting stupider since being out of college. Maybe that’s a sign it’s time to go back?? ha ha


    • Yes. I really do think engaging your brain is important. Even if it is for a few minutes a day. I also try to read an article about something new, weird, or confusing. I mean other than silly celebrity crap. HAHA. Although I totally kill at that category of jeopardy every time it shows up!


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