Wheelchair Parade

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So many evenings when it cools off a bit I have the desire to go for a walk.  My body doesn’t often allow that, but the other night Tom took me on a wheelchair walk up our driveway and up and down the road (which is no easy thing because both the driveway and the road are steep).  It was so fun!  The dogs came along too, as well as the goats, which was just ridiculously funny watching them run.

wheelchair parade

Tom had a jar of blackberry Moonshine that we had bought earlier and in order to push me down the hill he needed both hands.

moonshine cupholder

As it was sitting upside down in my wheelchair cup holder and we were rolling down the dirt road, all I could think was…

could we be more white trash

Oh, and speaking of white trash, a few years ago they (the powers of the city) decided to change the annual all city celebration from POST FALLS DAYS to POST FALLS FESTIVAL.  I just want to mention that I was born and raised in this here little town and my entire life it has been Post Falls Days.  Calling it FESTIVAL just makes it sound pretentious and like it’s fancier than what it is, which it’s not.  It’s some food trucks, a parade that every kid in the town can be in if they want to basically, terrifying carnival rides, a few bounce houses and a beer garden.  That’s perfectly fine without the word festival.  Why they felt the need to change it after so many years, I don’t know.  Some things are just fine left alone.

One thing that should be changed however, is the order of the parade.  Horses should always go behind the dancers, says the girl who kart-wheeled through horse poop one year.

Rant over.  For now.

After our walk, we hung in the shop and on the tractor watching the sun go down and it was just simple and perfect.

tractor party

How great is it that we can have fun riding in the wheelchair and hanging on the tractor?  It’s not always about dressing up and going out.  It’s not always about fancy meals and the most expensive champagne.  Sometimes it’s about just finding joy in the moment and being free enough to laugh at yourself.

And your goats… you should always laugh at your goats.  If you don’t have goats, you can laugh at my goats.  For instance, this little video is somewhat hilarious when you realize that is Tom’s chair.

I don’t know why this is happening but she has done this twice now.  I suppose technically once I knew what was coming I could have tried to move her instead of filming it, but that’s just not who I am!  .


  1. A girl, her dog, and a tractor. What more could someone want???? I LOVE IT!!! I just happened to take a similar, not quite as relaxing looking, photo the other day with my pup! She was helping me mow the pastures. My tractor is enclosed…with your tractor I would be afraid of her falling off over the bumpy ground if she had been seated like Sarge!!!! Ha ha either way, the tractor is fun…and not quite as scary as you made it sound the one time. ha ha Still, that’s an AWESOME picture of the two of you. You look beautiful relaxing on that tractor and Sarge is posing like such a poised gentleman. 🙂

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  2. mamasick says

    Glad you and your husband had a fun time! Great pictures! Stopping by via Spoonie Bloggers on Pinterest.


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