Some Days You Pass Out with a Basket of Laundry on Your Head

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I must start by apologizing for not having a picture of this, so don’t get your hopes up.

Friday started out really early.  I got up at 0530 and I was the last one up.  Poor Tom woke up at 0130 and never went back to sleep.  Eventually he wanted coffee and food so he started cooking somewhere around 5 or 515-ish.

We ate delicious food. Carter and I did some crafting.  We watched some Scooby Doo and some Jeopardy.  We may have actually woke up the chickens to let them out which is a first.  The goats were let out.  The dogs were fed.

We got ready and left for town.  As I said before, this was nail day and Fourth of July nails are some of my favorites!  The internet tried to convince me to do ‘US president nail art’, but I consulted with my sister-in-law and she agreed that glitter and explosions really captures America!

Fourth of July nails

president nails

I should have taken this picture just to see what my nail girl would have said.  I bet she would have loved to paint tiny president faces.

With my new fancy America nails we came home and had lunch followed by quiet time.  After that we had friends over with a little boy who is Carter’s age.  The boys were outside less than an hour before they had met the neighbor girls.

We asked if they left our property and Carter said they went “only a few inches past the patrol car to talk to the girls.”  UH HUH.

Later that night after our friends had left I was working on some laundry and apparently I had been on my feet too long that day.  I remember walking up the stairs from the basement with a basket of laundry.  I recall being towards the top and stopping to rest.

Next thing I know Tom is smacking my face and pinching my neck.  I was unconscious against the wall and evidently the way I had collapsed back pushed the laundry basket up onto my head.  I know Tom carried me to bed and Carter got the oxygen.  He turned the tv on for me and brought me lots of water.  I laid there mostly in a daze while Tom did the bedtime routine with Carter.

laundry on head edited

I did ask Tom later why he didn’t get a picture and he said that I was perched in a precarious way on the stair and if I moved at all I would have fallen all the way down the stairs so he decided to secure me first instead of taking a picture.  What a grown up.

I’ve felt pretty tired ever since the passing out and today has included a fantastic headache all day long.

But hey, good news: I got a bunch of laundry done over this weekend.



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