New Painting, Neurologist, & Nervous Driving

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Hello world.  It’s Friday I think.  I’ve had one cup of coffee.  Even though it’s currently 7AM I think I can handle typing up this post.

So, I finished a new painting recently.  It has a ‘story’.  Let me just make it painfully clear that I DO NOT GET ART.  I rarely ‘appreciate’ it the way it should be appreciated.  I HATE art museums, which is probably a horrible thought for those of you who love them, considering I’ve been in some of the very best all around the world including Paris, Madrid, Dublin, Israel, and I don’t remember if Shannon made me go to any in Italy or Greece, but she probably did.  While traveling Europe for a month with my friend Shannon (who appreciates art) I did my best to trick her.  I was always saying things like, “Oh the East wing is closed for construction.  I saw a sign about it” in the hopes of reducing my museum time.

I recall a museum in Madrid that had an exhibit that was milk poured on the ground.  That was literally it.  See, this is my problem with art.  There was a museum employee  standing by it, I assume so that no one accidentally cleaned up the ‘art’, and all he said to us over and over again was ‘it is meeeeelk.’  I paid money that could have gone to a new purse or gelato to get into that museum.

Have you seen these two stories that have been circling the internet recently?  See, this is why I have a hard time appreciating art.  People are so crazy and pretentious they assume someone bleeding out must be ‘art’.

bleeding out art

glasses art

You can see why I don’t always have a strong appreciation for ‘art’ right?

Anyways, this is my latest painting and to me it makes sense.  Maybe it will make some sense to you.  Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy and write a blog about my thinking that this is art, just like I am about the milk spilled on the floor.  Who knows?

painting boots and shoes

Yesterday I went to the neurologist for a follow-up after my autonomic testing in the lab in Seattle.  He said to keep doing what I’m doing and there really wasn’t anything new.  He cautioned me about laying down at all after taking a midodrine as it can cause the blood pressure to elevate quickly and too high and can cause a stroke.  Fantastic.

Last night we took our water tank to the hydrant to fill it up for our trees.  In order to hook up the tank to the hitch and all Tom needed me to back up the truck while we were on a hill.  That was fun and not terrifying at all.  I don’t always love husband and wife working together and driving tasks, especially when it is not working right or going well.  Carter was sitting in the middle truck seat and hearing Tom giving me driving directions.  “Back up 1 inch at a time.  Right. Left. Pull forward Very Slowly.  Now back up again, approximately three inches.”

Carter looked at me and said, “Those are really complicated directions.”

I could tell by the words he was mumbling that things were not working correctly.  Carter then said, “I think I’m going to tell him to hurry up.”  Whoa, you are so not going to tell him that.

As he finished up and was about to walk back up to the truck I watched a few cinder blocks take a tumble down the hill.  I also watched one get smashed into a million pieces first.  HULK MAD! (who smashes a freaking cinder block?)  Yes, I married the Hulk.  This reminded me of a time at our old house.  The kitchen was on the second floor and there was also a small deck on the second floor with a slider into the dining room.  Once upon a time I was in the kitchen doing dishes while Tom was out on the deck fixing the screen door.  At one point I looked up to see the screen door fly across the yard at a high rate of speed.  These are the moments as a wife that I find it important to quietly laugh under my breath and then maybe open a beer and set it on the counter and walk away (oh and probably text someone to laugh with you).  It will be funny to him later most likely, but right now is not the time to tell him to hurry up.  Nope.

Completely unrelated to the above story, it’s the day I get my nails done and today is a special day because it is time for my second favorite ‘nail holiday’.  That’s right.  It’s Fourth of July nail time!

Garfield is on in this house right now and he just said, “I usually don’t run when there is no pizza or tacos.”  I didn’t know I related to Garfield so much.

Ok, time to start the getting ready process.  Have a happy Friday!  I hope you find a lot of things to smile and laugh about!



  1. Donna says

    Hey lovely hope all is well can I ask a question ?? How long did he recommend not lying down for after taking midodrine I have just started it and wasn’t warned at all many thanks


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