They’re on the Roof

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Thanks to the wind storms in the Fall followed by multiple feet of snow in the Winter… we’re getting a brand new roof!  The roofers got here early this morning to start working on it.  There were many more guys here than I thought there would be, as well as a truck with a crane on top.  I guess I don’t know what I expecting, but it seemed like a pretty big production to me.

The dogs were not as impressed as I was.

tin foil hats meme

It very much reminded me of the movie Signs when the aliens are on the roof and breaking in.  So much that I had to watch clips trying to find the right clip.  Then I got distracted with ‘real life alien abduction’ stories.  Sidenote: when my brother and I were younger (I’m talking teenagers) we used to like to watch similar documentaries and then be super freaked out.

The goats were also pretty annoyed about the crowd around and on the house.  I don’t speak goat, but I’m pretty sure the off and on yelling had a lot to do with, “hey! sure seems like there are a LOT of people out there and no one is bringing us bread.”  That’s just my guess though.

Here’s a picture of the big truck with the crane.  I think my favorite part is that they used a random piece of wood from our wood pile to presumably stop the giant truck from rolling through the house.

roof truck

roof truck tire

I also learned that if you remove most of the roof above the garage, the garage becomes an instant Dance Party.  Who knew?

garage dance party

Easily the most entertaining part of the day was listening to one of the roofers out on the deck baaaaa-ing at the goats and laughing when the goats replied.  I’m sure he didn’t think there was someone inside giggling at the whole situation.

Early physical therapy tomorrow morning followed by a specialist appointment which equals a pretty fatiguing day for me so I’m hoping to sleep well tonight.

I hope you all had a happy day and found some smiles!  Here’s to tomorrow!



  1. michaelamthompson says

    How were they planning on stopping the truck from rolling into the house if you hadn’t had a wood pile? 😟

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