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Bobby Pins & Bullets

Those of you close to me are aware that my husband likes to read Nicholas Sparks books.  I’ve watched people try to make fun of him for it, but he always quickly shuts them down by pointing out that his books are basically a complete guidebook for romance, which is true.

Who doesn’t want to come home to love notes on the mirror,  or on random objects throughout the house?  I picked up a deck of cards once and there was a note taped to it saying how much he appreciated our time together playing games.   Sometimes I find notes on clothing hanging in my closet pointing out it’s a favorite dress, etc.  Occasionally I open my makeup drawer and find a sweet note telling me how much he likes my style.  A few days ago I walked into the bathroom and there was a note laying at the base of my toothbrush stand that simply said, I am REALLY in love with you.  The funny thing is that this was a ‘recycled’ note.  I had seen it before.  About three years ago we were at my old house and had a bunch of friends over.  We were just sitting around chatting and at one point Tom passed me that note.  I get to smile today, and remember that smile years ago too.

Listen up, men: it’s not all about long-stemmed red roses that cost 95 dollars.  Once I was sitting on the bank reading a magazine while Tom was fishing.  His fishing took him out of sight.  As he rounded the bank and came back into view I saw that he had picked me a bouquet of wildflowers.  I could go on for hours, but today I want to talk about a little something he gave me a few days ago.

It may seem silly for me to talk about a gift from my husband, but there is a purpose and a reason.  I try to follow the rules and not come off as ‘braggy’ about my husband.  I want to be honest though and reassure some of you who may have lost belief that there are still good people out there.  I’m looking at you Katie.

This is the cover of the book he handed me.

the notebook cover

the notebook first page

I’m not going to show every page obviously, but I chose a few favorites to share.

the notebook humor


the notebook thinking

the notebook asshole

the notebook farts

Of course he had to include this next one.  Rude.

the notebook patient

Tom is aware of how often I feel like I’m a hassle or trouble for him because of my health.  I hate needing help so often.  I hate being a burden financially.  I hate making him worry.  The list goes on and on.  Finding a way to quietly reassure my insecurities like this is something only Tom could do.

the notebook pots

For those of you who need a little reminder… Don’t lose hope and don’t settle.  Whoever you are, you are deserving of true love.  You deserve someone who understands your insecurities and who rather than plays on them finds a way to reassure and build you up.

P.S. I love you Tom and I’m forever yours.








  1. That is seriously the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen…and from a man who hides his soft side to most people. You are one blessed lady. You both are blessed to have one another. I hope I can find someone half as good as Tom is to you, someday. I like to think there is hope…but sometimes I get pretty discouraged. I couldn’t have read this blog at a more perfect time in my life. Thanks for reminding me that maybe someday, just maybe, I’ll find someone who cares and loves me the way only a true love can do.

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    • I 100% believe there is someone out there who is completely perfect for you! We just never get to know the timing unfortunately. Yes, don’t give up hope lady!


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