Monday Hidden Word Puzzles

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The Brain Gym

Another week is beginning.  Pour up some coffee and wake up that beautiful brain of yours.  Ok, beautiful might have been a stretch.  Have you ever seen a brain? I am really thankful that God gave us skin.  Pretty much everything on the inside looks better with skin covering it, in my opinion; and if you didn’t want to hear my opinion, you really shouldn’t be reading my blog, right?  I apologize, I’m still on my first cup of coffee.

Each of these pictures has six hidden words.

First up: Basketball.  I’ll post the answers down at the bottom so don’t scroll down and cheat.

hidden word basketball

Next up, some apple picking on the farm.

hidden word farm

Alright, one last one for today: Movie theater snack bar.  A great place to throw away 35 bucks before watching the movie.

hidden word movies

Ok, how did you do with today’s puzzles?




Did you wake up your brain?





How much are you craving popcorn now?





Popcorn is a great salty snack for potsies if your tummy can handle it.




Ok, here come the answers.




hidden word basketball with answers

Did you find all the words hidden in the basketball scene?  Hoops was the trickiest one for me!


hidden word farm with answers

Did you pick out all of the words amidst the picking of apples?

hidden word movies with answers

Sequel tried to trick me, but I hung in there until I found it!

I hope you enjoyed today’s silly little puzzles to get your brain working.

Go out there and have a happy day doing whatever it is you are doing today!


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