He Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

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I enjoy learning new things.  Well, some new things.  I don’t much care for learning math.  Once upon a time in college I took accounting twice and to be honest, I’m pretty sure she only passed me the second time because she was tired of me asking the same questions and never ‘getting it’.

Quick little reminder on the timeline: bought our new house July 2015, got sick/became disabled September 2015, bought a tractor October 2015.  I tried driving the tractor back in March and it was not as much of a success.  I don’t know if you remember, but I burned out in our 27 horse power tractor in 2nd gear.  Yesterday we were getting ready for some friends to come over to eat and Tom asked if I wanted to drive the tractor down to the pick up our garbage can.  Let me point out that our garbage can is quite a ways away.  It includes driving up our driveway and then all the way down our dirt road to the base where it meets the pavement.  I drove the entire way without killing it once and without burning rubber.

It was a super fun date actually.  It is a little crazy to see how much our free time and lifestyle has changed just with moving out of a neighborhood and onto a bit of property.  It was just a simple moment of not being on technology and being out in nature together and laughing while I was mostly terrified that we would roll going down the tiny hill.

I was conscious.  We were smiling.  I learned a new skill (ish.  I mean I know I can’t plow the snow or anything, but suppose there was some kind of emergency and I only had the tractor to take you to the hospital- I think I could get you there.)  I can for sure raise and lower the bucket.  I know this because after our roof had mostly blown off during the wind storm in the Fall I had to raise and lower Tom to the roof using the tractor bucket.

In fact, hypothetically, maybe Tom was up on the roof and maybe I was nervously watching him from the deck when I spotted a big buck.  Perhaps he told me to grab his rifle and meet him at the bucket to lower him down.  Maybe I was just about to grab the rifle as he flew in the front door limping because he had jumped off the roof and rolled through the bushes.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that just before that he had ripped the entire right side of the back side out of his jeans, hypothetically in this story of course.  Oh, and maybe the neighbor drove by and came down the driveway to chat so he maybe had to strategically hold a large piece of shingles by his side so that the nudity was not visible.  Anyways, maybe he took off up on the mountainside with his rifle and with his backside completely exposed and perhaps Carter and I watched and laughed as this entire scene unfolded from the window, hypothetically of course.

So yes, I feel confident that I can raise and lower the bucket.

Tractor feet

Oh ya, I’m trying to do the snapchat now and I figure if the Pioneer Woman can do it, I can give it a try.  Feel free to follow along.  My name is puckinpurty1211.

Tractor Hero

Tractor Sarge

How adorable are these guys jumping up to say hi to mom?  Oh, and check out my giant oxygen tank in the background for power outages.

I can understand why Tom enjoys tractoring, as I call it.

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