Gif’ing & Goats

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Our goats are incredibly entertaining.  They are getting to the age where they are fainting daily now.  They faint basically anytime that I do not have my phone in my hand to record it.  Yes, technically they faint when they are startled or scared, but nine times out of ten around here they are fainting from excitement.  Shaking grain while they are up on the hillside or bringing them bread usually does the trick.  The lady we got the goats from said they love carrot and apple peels.  LIES.  These girls are carb lovers.

Tom and I were talking about this as it could pertain to humans.  Wouldn’t that be crazy?  CAKE?! YES! boom, hit the floor.  It could make for some interesting stories.  Of course Tom pointed out that if it were me, I’d be fainting the second anyone mentioned pizza.  How ironic because yesterday in my little town it looks like another lady did just that.

I assume she was driving along and saw a sign for the Pizza Factory which clearly caused her to faint from excitement and as you can see, she just went ahead and made her own parking spot, right next to the salad bar.

pizza crash1

pizza crash2

This is one of my favorite pictures though because what is this lady doing? Is she just sitting there enjoying her breadsticks and ignoring the fact that a Subaru just flew past her table shattering glass and pretty much everything else?

pizza crash3

“Can I get some more marinara over here, please?”

Anyways, back to my crazy goats.  Not only do they faint, but they also from time to time do these ridiculously adorable jump/kick/spin moves.  It reminds me of basically about a 6 to 8 year old boy jumping into a pool while doing a ‘trick’.  It’s my favorite thing ever and yesterday Tilly was careless enough to accidentally let me catch it on camera.  Take a look for yourself.

Party_Like_a_Goat Gif5

Oh ya this Gif that I created all by myself from a video I took and then shortened on my camera? No big deal at all.   I’m just that cool.

That’s a lie.  I am always trying to keep up with the cool bloggers and their neat fancy tricks.  Just a short hour or two and BAM, I made a GIF out of one of my own videos AND included words.  Phew, I’m fatigued.

I will be an old pro though in a few days so prepare yourself America (and world) for the upcoming GIFs of this crazy household!

Go forth and party like a goat today!  Oh, and I won’t be mad if you want to stop by with some pizza for me.


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