The Hardest Part is Putting on Your Shoes

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Back in the day I went to a workout program called Boot Camp.  I loved it.  Well love in a sweat and pain and can’t stand up from the toilet the next day kind of way.  My trainer was named John and he had all kinds of motivational wisdom that would fall out of his mouth.  He always used to say that the hardest part is putting on your shoes.  When it comes to working out I’ve always found that to be true.  It’s really easy to sit on the couch and make excuses while you talk yourself out of changing into workout clothes.  Once the clothes and shoes are on though, you might as well make a workout out of it.

This phrase took on a whole new meaning tonight though.  Obviously my life has changed a bit since my boot camp days and my challenges are different now.

For instance, tonight I threw up while I was trying to put my shoes on.  I want to tell you that I managed to recumbent bike for 26 minutes (a huge record for me) after throwing up during the workout of putting my shoes on, which has got to be worthy of some kind of award.  I’m only mentioning this to y’all because I want to make it clear that I’m not just lazy, but that my body truly just does not cooperate with me.


After working out I had to lay on the floor for about half an hour literally covered in sweat before standing upright, but I made it to the bathroom and bedroom in one piece.  That’s a win.  I’ll take a rest day or two depending how I do and try again in a couple days.

wet sports bra

What happens now? – I’m getting this question a lot since seeing the new specialist in Seattle.  Here is basically where I am:

  1. More autonomic testing was done which ruled out small nerve neuropathy and other things I didn’t want.
  2. This specialist agreed with my other doctors that I do in fact have POTS.
  3. We can try another medication in conjunction with what I’m using right now in the hopes of eliminating some more passing out.
  4. There are no other treatment options available at this time.
  5. The very best thing that I can do is drink tons of water (which I’m really good at), take salt tablets (if my stomach can handle them), try an abdominal binder when upright, and exercise as much as possible, preferably in the recumbent position to prevent injuries if I pass out.
  6. I will continue challenging myself in different ways and strive to stay centered in searching for joy while remembering to focus on other people as well.

Here is a painting I did last night.  The majority of it is supposed to be done with a palette knife.  Let me make it clear that there is certainly a difference between an actual palette knife and a plastic fork, but hey when life gives you a plastic fork, you use it.

walk in the rain

Not much has changed, but I do have more peace of mind about many questions I had.

I will continue to keep my health as a priority each day since it definitely fluctuates frequently.

It really is true though that the hardest part is putting on your shoes.

Go forth and put on your shoes!

P.S. I’ve already put palette knives in my amazon cart.


  1. When it comes to exercise, I try to be positive even if it means just 10 minutes on that stationary bike for bits at a time, but it hurts that I can’t run like I used to. I miss the feeling of my feet striking the asphalt, sweat dripping down my face, and the breeze flying through my hair. A bug or two hitting my face, even (haha). My POTS stemmed from my Lyme disease, and while a beta blocker has helped a lot, I think we all know nothing really helps completely. I’m so glad to see you are not giving up, though. I think we can all inspire and motivate each other if we just keep going. Even if you’re like me and just do 2lb dumbbell curls while lying flat on the floor LOL.

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    • Hey exercise is exercise! At least we’re trying… thanks for sharing this! I miss running a lot too! Crazy how much I miss something that I hated! Ha ha


  2. I have POTS too! It took a long time to find a combo of medicine/lifestyle changes that helped keep me from passing out most of the time. Still, it’s hard. Last night I had to ditch a cookout early because I hadn’t drank enough water during the day and I could barely stand up!

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    • That’s always a bummer. Occasionally I get focused on something and then realize all of a sudden it’s been 5 hours without water. Then it’s a sudden ohcrap moment! Hang in there and thanks for stopping by.


  3. So glad you shared this story! Working out is a completely different story when your chronically ill then when you’re “healthy”. But it’s still important that we take care of our bodies as best as we can, and that includes some movement when possible.
    And your picture is amazing! Love it!

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    • Thanks so much for your kind comment! Yes, yes. I try to only share the positives but then occasionally I realize I need to make a point to show the struggles and trials too!


  4. Gail Brown says

    Your posts continue to inspire and make me smile. P.S. don’t buy those palette knives, the plastic fork works just fine. LOVE the painting.

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