637-Act Talent Show Survival

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Apparently nowadays they do elementary school talent shows.  This didn’t happen while I was in elementary school.  Either way, I just knew y’all would be interested in my deep and most of all hilarious thoughts from the show.

Because I like you, I will go ahead and condense the 637 act show into some fantastic highlights.

  • First off, this was the first time that I was in my wheelchair around any of Carter’s friends.  I don’t mind kiddos being curious and looking at me or the chair, but I didn’t realize until we got in there that maybe it would upset Carter a bit or make him feel embarrassed.  We found a spot and shortly after Carter came out and ran right up and gave us both giant hugs.  He didn’t seem to care one bit about the chair.  That was a relief to me, even if it was a silly thing to worry about.


  • The show started off with a vey handsome little man singing the National Anthem.  I happened to take a video because Mr. Carter is just so adorable.  I can’t even imagine being brave enough to stand up in front of the entire auditorium and sing.  I so appreciate him choosing this as his talent and I’m certain we had a little part in that.  Plenty of people are patriotic and respectful of the Flag, but it seems that those in the armed forces are all of that and then some.  Carter knew from a very young age that the National Anthem is a time for respect and that fact was never negotiable.  In fact, look at this picture when he was three.  It might be one of my favorite pictures ever.
  • Carter Anthem 2
  • Oh what’s that? You want to see another?  Here he is when he was six.
  • Carter Anthem

Now, keep in mind just how long the anthem is and everyone knows the important thing is to finish strong!  I’m so proud of him.  Enjoy!

  • A group of three girls did a dance to the Meghan Trainor song Better When I’m Dancin’ which made us wonder if their dance was the same as the music video.


  • A group of three girls did a dance to the Meghan Trainor song Better When I’m Dancin’ and this time when I looked over at Tom he was busy googling to see what the video actually looked like.  I asked him to check and see if the video was jumping up and down for 20 seconds and then random arm movements, then repeat.


  • At one point the MC announced that the next would be a simulated light sabre fight between Jedi and Syth.  Some guy exclaimed, “All right! This is gonna be awesome!” That guy was Tom.


  • Another act was introduced and Tom quickly realized there would be the use of nunchucks.  He suddenly seemed much more awake than during those previous three tap numbers.  The possibility of self injury is a bit intriguing.


  • Speaking of self injury, only one person face planted off of a pogo stick.


  • Some of my favorite acts were the duos telling jokes.  Our favorite joke of the day was, “why does santa have three gardens? So he can HOE HOE HOE!”


  • One group did a fun little nerf gun competition.  Each boy in the line got to shoot at the stacked cups.  If you missed, you were out.  One kid tried to shoot and his nerf gun had a misfeed.  Two people yelled, “Tap, Rack!”.  Those two people were Tom and I.  Literally hundreds of people and no one else said that?  This is in north Idaho, keep in mind.


  • By the third song played on the piano a young boy in the back row exclaimed maybe a little louder than he meant to, “Why so much piano?!”   Valid question, little boy.  Let me point out there were at least another 4 or 5 songs to follow on the piano.


  • A group of 6 kids put together a skit about a boxing match.  One guy knocks the other out.  Then he gets up and knocks the other out.  Then they hit each other at the same time resulting in a perfect tie, as all sporting events should.  Everyone got a trophy.


  • One of the true bummers of the day was that it was too dark inside to get a picture of Tom’s face.  Many, many times I wished I could capture it to show it to you.


  • I think besides the National Anthem my favorite part of the show had to be when the random lady walked over to Tom after asking Carter to point out his dad.  Let me quick stop to point out the wonder that is Tom.  He is such an amazing dad.  He worked 12 hours while his allergies were in full swing PLUS he had a super crappy cold.  Came home and slept around 3 hours maybe in between coughing.  Got up and went to the 637 act talent show.  He was just conscious enough to push me in my chair and talk to Carter, who is his son, and who he loves. Here’s how the conversation with the random lady went (mind you while others were on stage performing):

random lady: Are you the policeman?

Tom: Ya

random lady: Do you see that guy over there with the striped shirt?

Tom: (doesn’t look or move his head at all) uh huh

random lady: At the end of the show he may cause an issue. (could she possibly be more vague?)

Tom: ok *this is another moment I wish I could have taken a picture of his face for you*

random lady continued talking 3 or 4 minutes while Tom was looking at me and asking me who she was.  She finally moved along down the row to whisper-ish to someone else.  Evidently she didn’t think he took it seriously.

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret about this ‘policeman’ and all other law enforcement officers.  Here is the way it sounded to us.

random lady: hey stranger, wanna be involved in a lawsuit? I have no paperwork at all to back up whatever it is I am telling you and you yourself have observed nothing of concern.  I’m super worried.  Not quite concerned enough that I want to call the local police dept. which is 300 feet away and has a few added bonuses such as those officers being on duty, acting within their jurisdiction, and having an agency cover them for whatever lawsuit they will be named in later.  So anyways, does that sound like something you wanna do?

I don’t know why Tom wasn’t excited about the offer.

Mainly, Carter did great and we did a great job making it through the rest without a flask (Jacelyn, I  blame you for this error in my planning)!

talent show


  1. J. says

    How many times have I told you that if it is a junior human event and alcohol is not provided, it must be smuggled in? It’s self preservation. Plain and simple. I’m making you a check list so you don’t forget these things. Mimosas make things better!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. madrenellie says

    Loved carter singing! 2 hoorays from us. Re Tom’s face, it should be noted he is full on smiling in the photo with carter and amy. Lol! I gave Tom a flask, i don’t know what more I could do!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. isp541 says

    Anytime a kid might hit himself in the nuts with nunchakus it should be watched. He made those sing though. A head shot or nut shot would have been funnier but it was still good. Loved the girl with the dual Kamas. Fuck the safe space, she gets to college she’ll dice the dick of a potential rapist. That’s talent we should foster, not dramatic readings. Those were dumb. And boring.

    Liked by 1 person

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