Find Your Chewbacca Mask

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At this point I’m assuming that everyone with internet access has now seen the ‘viral’ live video from Facebook of a mom with a Chewbacca mask she bought herself.  She has set all kinds of records and basically jumped into instant fame.  If you haven’t seen it, quick watch it and we’ll talk about it down below after you watch it.


Now, if we actually stop and think about why this video went viral it’s just a little bit sad.

This became famous because of these reasons (in my opinion which is the only one that matters, right? I can at least pretend that on my blog):

  • A mom bought some silly Star Wars toy/paraphernalia at Kohl’s.
  • She put it on and then laughed herself to tears.
  • She didn’t care who was watching her in the parking lot.  She didn’t care what people thought.  She didn’t critique her laugh or edit herself to look thinner or have whiter teeth.
  • She just lived in the moment and was able to find pure joy and entertainment from something simple and silly.

Isn’t that a little sad that something like this is SO RARE that it entertains us all and becomes an instant hit?  I think it is.  We are always so concerned about how many chins we have in our selfie.  And how our makeup looks and if we got the winged eyeliner right, which by the way I never have in my life.  It’s always about what size we are and how our hair looks.  It’s about what political point we are making or what steps we are taking to better the environment.

At the end of the video she says it’s all about the simple joys.

I can’t express how much I agree with that.  We should be laughing at the ‘silly’ and the ‘dumb’ things.  We should take time each day to giggle at something ridiculous.

Yes, we should be aware of the news happening around our world.

Yes, we should plan for retirement.

Yes, we should strive to be healthy.

Yes, we should dust the floorboards.

Yes, we should be informed.

Yes, we should volunteer, donate, and pray for others.

But dang it, we can’t be adults all 1440 minutes a day!

I don’t care what in your world symbolizes the Chewbacca mask, but please do me a favor and strive each day to find it.


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