“As You Are Probably Aware”

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I have compiled plenty of random tidbits to tell you about today.

I slept 15 hours total last night which would normally be so amazing, but instead I just had nightmares the entire time which is so annoying.  I woke up feeling like a zombie.  Also, I should just point out that when I mention parts of the nightmares to Tom he instantly says how awesome it sounds.  One time I told him, “it was terrifying.  Your gun jammed and so you had to improvise and use something else as a weapon.  Oh and then Samuel L. Jackson was there.  It was so scary.”  He says that whenever guns are being shot you want Samuel L. Jackson to be there.  Now, in my conscious and awake thinking that is true, yet in those moments of nightmare it is always terrifying.

I woke up extremely dizzy.  The dizziness has not gone away all day.  I was trying to think of how to explain it and I saw on Pinterest this picture of carpet.  Everyone commented about how hard it would be to walk on it and how they would fall down.  Imagine how you think you would walk on it, and that was basically how I wandered around all day bouncing off of walls and counters and things.

dizzy floor

This does remind me of the time I went on a Cruise to Mexico though.  During the part of the cruise when we were going through what they call ‘the swells’ the boat really rolls.  The joke around the boat is that the people who fall down are the sober ones and the people who walk the perfectly straight line are the drunk ones.

I learned a few things today:

  1. When Notre Dame plays Navy for football, whoever is on the 13 squadron for Navy has to be off of the campus by midnight because they are considered bad luck.  In the middle of the night they run the ball along to the highway to the field.  After learning this, I thought to myself, man those announcers sure find a lot of boring crap to talk about and fail to mention fun little tidbits like this.  Gosh.  Either way this was a good reminder that college football will be back again and for this we thank Jesus.
  2. In the beginning of the Mr. Potato Head days you had to provide your own potato.  It just came with the pieces.
  3. There is a new button on my Facebook page.  It is always putting new things on without telling me.  I was in between throwing up and clicked on the new button  It said ‘you’re now going live on Facebook’.  Oh man. That would have been a fun surprise for everyone.

I guess that even being in between mostly the bed and the bathroom I can still learn things.

I got a letter in the mail today from the state of Idaho.  My favorite part was the first sentence.  “As you are probably aware, … .. … ”

Ok, I just want to start out by saying WHAT? Based on what?  What would possibly make you think I am probably aware about any of this?  Because I’ve been on short and long term and full disability so much before?  Because I haven’t asked a million questions along the way?

Why? Why would I probably be aware of anything you are going to tell me?

I don’t say that enough so let me rephrase my earlier news.  As you are probably aware, the first Mr. Potato Head didn’t come with the potato.

Today I was in the middle of crying and pouting about being too sick to go visit a friend to watch the first bachelorette episode (I know, I’m a nerd) when I saw another friend post on Facebook about being thankful for all the things we take for granted.  Dammit, she’s right.  I have clean drinking water in my house.  I live like royalty.  I have so much to be thankful for always.

It was a good reminder to stop my pouting ways and embrace what I can in the midst of sickness.

I will leave you with this last funny bit.  On one bathroom trip today I saw this out the window.  I feel like this turkey is a bit cocky.  Bold strategy cotton, let’s see how that plays out.

cocky turkey



  1. rasm47 says

    I’m pretty sure you can’t really shoot a turkey from the bathroom… just sayin….


    • Well I’m not gonna shoot a turkey at all. And Tom isn’t gonna either. Maybe that’s why the turkey is so cocky. But I’m just saying… either way it seems like tempting fate to hang out behind the targets!


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