Sunday Scattergories

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The Brain Gym

Scattergories is one of my all-time favorite board games to play with people who are not Tom or my mom.  Their brains work way too fast and I don’t like that level of competition.  Well, actually I don’t like losing every single time.  The other day I saw someone post on their Facebook a few basic categories using the first letter of their first name and I realized that I could totally whip up some categories for y’all to get your brain working on this (very rainy and windy where I am) Sunday.

Now, the post suggested using the first letter of your first name.  I know what you are thinking though, “Your first name is AMY so you get the easiest letter EVER”.  So, to deter those thoughts I will use the first letter of my last name, which would be a ‘K’.  If you’ve played scattergories you know that K is never thought of as the easiest letter.

If you choose to play along feel free to comment your answers.  If that is far too much work for you, I understand, just write them in your mind.

Don’t be a cheater and use The Google.  You can’t use the same answer twice so for instance Cheetos can’t be both party food and favorite snack.  (Even though in your heart they might be.)

I’ll post the category with my answer that I used my brain to come up with next to it!

  1. Type of Vegetable- Kale
  2. Type of fruit- Kiwi
  3. Animal- Koala
  4. Country- Kazakhstan (did I make that up? I feel like I’ve heard it come up on Jeopardy before for sure)
  5. Medication or Supplement- K, Vitamin (is that cheating? Yes, yes it is)
  6. Vacation Destination- Killarney
  7. Superhero or Villain- Kaptain Kangaroo
  8. Movie- The Killers
  9. Hobby- Kite flying
  10. Party Food- Kielbasa
  11. Beverage- Kefir milk (Ewww)
  12. Sport- Kickboxing
  13. Restaurant- Klinkerdaggers
  14. Career or occupation- Kwanza party planner? (This by the way, is why I never win this game.)
  15. Hangover cure- Krav Maga
  16. Favorite snack- Klondike bar (also now I want a Klondike bar, notice I didn’t say that about Kielbasa)
  17. Pizza topping- Kalamata olives
  18. TV Show- King of the Hill
  19. Book- Kiss Me While I sleep
  20. Bible character- King David

Ok don’t cheat.  Try to use your brain.  Share with me what you came up with!!

Happy Sunday thinking to you!


  1. I LOVE that game! And this one! My husband doesn’t though and most friends think it’s boring because it’s not a trendy “strategy game”. BOO! So I’ll play this! 🙂

    1. Type of Vegetable- Squash (eww!)
    2. Type of fruit- Strawberries
    3. Animal- Snake!
    4. Country- Spain
    5. Medication or Supplement- S
    6. Vacation Destination- Six Flags
    7. Superhero or Villain- Superman
    8. Movie- Snow White
    9. Hobby- Sewing (but I never do it…ever…I hemmed some curtains once, bought fabric and cut out a pattern another time. That’s as far as I’ve gotten…)
    10. Party Food- Spinach dip (craving!)
    11. Beverage- Sprite
    12. Sport- Soccer
    13. Restaurant- San Francisco Sourdough
    14. Career or occupation- Soldier
    15. Hangover cure- Sickness (I’ve only had one once and I just powered through since I was driving home from Canada…)
    16. Favorite snack- soft pretzels
    17. Pizza topping- Sausage
    18. TV Show- Scorpion
    19. Book- Sacred Marriage
    20. Bible character- Sampson


  2. madrenellie says

    1. Daikon
    4. Denmark
    5. Vit d (if you can I can)
    6. Denver
    8. Dirty grandpa (ugh)
    9. Dice
    10. Donuts
    11. Diet coke
    12. Diving
    13. Dennys
    14. Dog catcher
    15. Dill pickle juice
    16.dip and chips
    17. Double cheese
    18. Doris day show
    19. Dangerous liasons
    20 deborah


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