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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Smile Makers

Today I tried my very first Zip Fizz.  I blame the Zip Fizz for my evening.

Zip Fizz

Tom went to work and I lost my mind.  In that order.

I suddenly got a burst of energy and decided deep cleaning and organizing was a fantastic idea.  I still agree that it was, but my body eventually loudly disagreed.

In my cleaning, I found three lightbulbs and I wasn’t sure if they worked or not so naturally I unscrewed a lightbulb in the overhead light in our bedroom and screwed each in to see if they worked.  The first two worked and the third made a weird clicking and grinding noise and then I noticed that I was holding the lightbulb but of course some of it had broken off in the socket.  Fantastic.


**Take a little journey into my mind with me**  Growing up I loved the show Full House.  Once upon a time I was up late and sick so I was laying on my parent’s bed.  My mom had the TV on some show unknown to me.  I asked about it and I distinctly remember her describing the show to me as ‘it’s kind of like Full House, but instead of three daughters it’s three sons’, and so began my love of Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT to everyone who was anyone), oh and of course eventually I watched all the episodes of Home Improvement.

In the video below at exactly 6 seconds in is what jumped into my mind the second I  realized that I had broken off part of the lightbulb in the socket.

Since I learned my skill for removing a broken bulb from a socket from this TV show, I thought I better consult The Google first to make sure there wasn’t a better way.  Nope, The Google told me to cut the power (which is obviously key) and put a potato into the socket and turn it counter-clockwise and easily unscrew the broken bulb.  Easy Peasy.

Step one:   Turn off power.  Yes, I know I could turn the switch off, but I wanted to be super duper careful and sure because the idea of being shocked is not ideal to me. The breaker box is exactly as far away as possible from the bedroom.  My first trip to turn off the power I started a load of laundry and got distracted and didn’t remember until I was back in the bedroom what I went to do.  Lovely.  Try number two I remembered what my mission objective was.  I decoded the abbreviations and flipped the correct switch.

I got a potato and did as The Google instructed.

The internet lied to me.

I did get a lot of potato pieces stuck in the socket, but no part of the bulb budged a bit.

Now I had a broken off bulb and potato stuck in the socket.

I went back to The Google to see if there were any other ideas.

Needle nose pliers were suggested.  Luckily I already had them out because I had been wood burning.

After I bent the metal several times I finally got the bulb to start unscrewing and was able to free the remainder of the bulb.  Then I just had to get the remainder of the potato out.  Just one more trip to turn the power back on.  I’m quite sure that the easiest option would have been to wait for Tom to handle it, but I managed to do it all on my own.  Just three long journeys and lots of standing on the bed with my arms above my head.

Suddenly I got sick, which should have been incredibly predictable.  If you’re ever betting, always put your money on ‘will get sick’ over ‘won’t get sick’.  I got a ridiculous headache almost instantly.  We’re talking seeing spots and double vision and dizzy beyond belief.  Too dizzy to even get any kind of medication.  I did drink all the water I could find in my bedroom and prayed for sleep, which finally happened.

Three hours later I woke up feeling a thousand times better.  I feel so good in fact that I see some 330 AM wheat bran in my future.

Getting back on topic though, I solved the problem all by myself and I fixed the light fixture! I am woman, hear me roar!

Just call me Amy-the tool woman-Keys.

Also maybe no more Zip Fizz.



  1. madrenellie says

    And how young does Tim Allen look? Wow! I have also been fooled by potato magic. Penny from Big Bang would have said, “just run the light off the potato! “


  2. Colleen Knauber says

    Just before the get sick part I started to think this was way too much arms over the head. I would have bet on the get sick. Also that potato nonsense has fooled me before too. Just go to the pliers. But I’m very impressed with all the trips downstairs. Maybe just zip fizz when you are supervised.

    Liked by 1 person

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