Sick Sucks

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I got through my physical therapy today.  My numbers actually did pretty well and recovered fairly quickly, but I just felt shaky, nauseas and sick and ick.  Look, the symptoms switch up and vary from day to day and it doesn’t all make sense and there isn’t enough of a true pattern for me to know what makes the shaking and chills and sweating and overall nausea and crap feeling happen.  I promise if I knew, I would avoid it.

There was a fun part of physical therapy though.  I ran into some lady who looked familiar on the stationary bike next to me.  She was on level 7.5 and doing arms and legs at the same time and pushing hard for 15 minutes.  I was on level 5 for only legs and for 10 minutes at a very leisurely pace.  We compared heart rates.

Hers was 72.

Mine was 134.

But look how cute she is.

pt smiles

My pretty mama.  Anytime I’m sitting next to someone on the bike I always think of this line from the movie rat race…

I hope I weeeen.

I enjoyed getting to work out by my mom, but my favorite is when I’m sitting next to the cute little elderly lady who talks about vodka gimlets every single time I see her in the gym.

Let me tell you: when I started physical therapy back in October or November I didn’t know what a vodka gimlet was.  I sure do now.  If an opportunity ever comes up to drink cocktails with little Ms. vodka gimlet, I’ll definitely go.

Anyways, then I came home and ate food and proceeded to be sick the rest of the day/night and have only had water and Gatorade since.  One of the only go-to things in my kitchen that I can almost always keep down is Western Family Wheat Bran with either vanilla almond milk or cow milk.  I eat that at least once a day, if not twice.  If my tummy settles before I try for sleep tonight, there will definitely be wheat bran in my future.

Final points from today:

  • The penguins won tonight in overtime.  I mustered my strength to cheer and Hero mustered his strength to yell at me and stand on my laptop to show his rage.  I guess he’s a Tampa Bay fan.
  • Here’s something that people who have incredible talent are doing with their time.  I peed approximately 37 times today.  So, I have a lot of talent too.
  • pencil sculptures
  • The next time you have spare time, feel free to carve a pencil.  I’ll be waiting patiently for y’all to send me your pictures.
  • Today my blog was viewed by people in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, South Africa, Kenya, Norway, Indonesia, and Finland.  So that’s pretty neat I think.

Ok, have a happy day or night!





  1. You can see who views your blog!? How cool!!!!! 37 trips to the bathroom!?!? That’s insane!! And I thought I peed a lot. I realize you have to drink gallons more than me…but I still drink a ton compared to the average person. Yikes, girl!

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