“You’re Not a Goat.”

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Do you ever catch yourself saying something and realize it’s not something that you ever thought you would say?

Tom makes me laugh when he talks about phrases he said while Carter was very young.

“Take your shoe out of the fish tank.”

“Don’t put your sandwich in the VCR.”  (Do all of you remember what a VCR is?)

At work I’ve found myself on the phone with citizens saying all kind of things that I feel like maybe other people don’t say.

“No, do not try to ride the elk.  No, don’t try to pose your child on it for a picture.  Go inside the house. Turn on Wheel of Fortune. Maybe make yourself some nachos. Don’t look outside.”

“Do not light your neighbor’s house on fire with the roman candles because you are mad.  Yes, that actually is against the law. Yes, a real law.”

“You are not allowed to go onto their property and prune the trees the way that you like them to be pruned.  I know that you can see them, but they are not yours.”

“You need to go back and return the nozzle for pumping gas.  They would like it back.”

Anyways, yesterday I was laughing as I was outside with the dogs, chickens and goats because Hero will switch his focus.  Some days he’ll just wander around and push the chickens all over the property. Up and down hills.  He won’t actually touch them.  He just escorts them everywhere.  Other days he is infatuated with the goats.  Occasionally we catch him on the hillside standing next to them and eating grass.  Last night I was laughing when I caught myself saying, “Hero, you’re not a goat.”

Hero and the goats

And then, because I am me…

Hero and goats2

All that’s missing is the crosswalk, right?

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have any photo-shopping skills.  The things I could (and would) do.


  1. I already had a visitor with tiny cowboy ‘boops’ visit AND his mom brought me coffee!
  2. I must accomplish physical therapy.
  3. I would really like to shower.
  4. Shaving my legs would be great, but I will have to be well enough for ‘leg shaving yoga’ (trademark pending).
  5. The Penguins play tonight! Go Penguins!

Go find some happy out there today!


  1. traceyfouche says

    Oh this gave me a good laugh!! You are so funny! And your goat wannabe cracks me up too.
    My favorite is, “do not try to ride the elk!”


  2. michaelamthompson says

    Or things you could never fathom someone saying to you, “I’ll hold the chicken while you file it’s nails.” And then your husband comes back with an emery board.

    Liked by 1 person

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