Impatient Chickens and Demanding Dogs

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There have been some sick days and some super fatigued days around here lately.  I’ve enjoyed getting to see some friends (especially Kate from out of town!) and family lately, but I’ve been really worn out and leg and ankle pain has just been incredible at times.  I get that my heart thinks I’m perpetually running a marathon, but it seems that my legs feel like they have been running a marathon too.  Of course I should point out that I don’t know what that would feel like, but I’m making my best assumption.

I’ve been working on crafts and some other fun projects lately during my days.  Once they are completed I’ll be sure to share.  It’s fun to take some time away and go to a land of painting where that is my focus, rather than just sitting on the couch and thinking about how much my legs hurt or how much I want to do this or that.  I find that the more I distract myself, the happier I am.

Each morning one of us goes out and  lets the goats and the chickens out.  Some mornings the goats are still cuddled up asleep together, which I can understand completely.  Not the chickens though.  If the sun is up even the littlest bit, the chickens are ready to be out and foraging.  I’ve never gone out there that they haven’t been waiting at the door just like this.


Good morning Mary, Delilah, Lucky, and Mrs. Robinson.

The other night we had a little spontaneous outing.  We were sitting on the couch and I proclaimed that it was time to go.  I drove the dogs and the man and I to one of our favorite places, the Dairy Queen drive through.


As you can tell this is exciting for all of us.


Here we are basking in the glow of brake lights.  Moonlight is romantic too, but there is less ice cream there.

Ok, I guess I need to be done typing right now.  My dogs are sending me some sort of cryptic message.  Hopefully I’ll finish one of my projects today and I’ll share it later! Have a happy day friends!

dog bowl

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