Time to Get Mentally Prepared

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When I saw my neurologist back in March he said he thought it was time for me to be referred to a ‘more specialist-specialist’.  I got the phone call last week to set up the appointment.  I got scheduled for just an evaluation and consultation.  A little part of me thought that maybe, just maybe I could get away without having to do another Tilt Table test.  If you haven’t read my very honest feelings about my first test, you can read about it here.

This morning I awoke to my phone ringing and it was the hospital saying that the doctor wanted to do testing that morning before my scheduled consultation in the afternoon.  This was a really fun way to wake up considering I spent most of last night with my body violently rejecting my food out both sides at the same time.

Anyway, It makes sense to do testing and consultation on the same day and it is more convenient since for us to go it will require a hotel room for two nights and a bit of driving.  I did well at Thanksgiving time with a 3 hour drive.  This is just a couple more than that trip, however I will be without medication for the drive over.

Again, out of all the medical tests and procedures I have done, this was by far the worst.

Here are my positives that I am holding onto:

  • Maybe this will be my last one?
  • These are the special-specialists so maybe they are really good at it? Or maybe they have at least heard of POTS.
  • It’s only 2 hours at the longest.  When we were in high school and had a teacher we didn’t love, my mom always used to say, “it’s only an hour.  You can put up with anything for an hour.”
  • Perhaps it will actually yield helpful information to help with my treatment.
  • Since I’ll be without medication for 5 days before hand, maybe that will help me to pass out faster and with less miserable time leading up to it.
  • The hotel we are staying at has complimentary coffee and also pineapple cupcakes in the afternoon.   If I am holding down food, I plan to eat as many as I can carry to the room.
  • At least I’m not going on Naked and Afraid because I would for sure not make it past day 1.  I know that is random, but as I’m sitting here typing that is what is on the TV.  If you’ve never seen the show here is the premise: a man and woman who are strangers are dropped off in the amazon or some sort of harsh jungle or rainforest environment completely naked and with one ‘survival item’.  They have to survive for 21 days making their own shelter, fire, finding water and food and avoid being killed by predators or dying of other jungle illnesses.  The interesting thing about the show is that mental toughness and mindset is huge.  They can have a well-trained survivalist go on the show and competely fall apart and lose it, yet a man or woman with no training but just sheer mental toughness beyond belief will thrive and do just fine.  The moral of the story: some things are about mental strength more than physical.

It’s time to start getting my mind in the right place before going for testing later this month.  It’s only two hours.  It’s only two hours.  It’s only two hours.

sunshine in the rain

Is it raining or is it sunny? It’s all perspective I suppose.

I will keep y’all updated on the medical fun later this month.  For now, I’ll start getting my mind right.  I’m pretty sure I’ll need some reminders about this plan as it gets closer.




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