Should You Sleep Naked? Should You Laugh at this Post?

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Should you sleep naked? Are there health benefits?

Yes.  As I was researching for official ‘scientific and health’ benefits other than just the benefits that I have found in my life, I saw one article from Wikihow that was titled ‘How to Sleep Naked-13 steps (with pictures)’.  I had no idea there are so many steps involved in this process. Anyways, let’s discuss some of the actual benefits:

  • It makes for much better sleep.  I know plenty of people have problems getting good and restful sleep.  Wearing pajamas can upset the body’s natural drop in temperature which results in interrupted sleep.  People are willing to take every supplement under the sun to help with sleeping, this is free!
  • It can help to reduce belly size and even lower cholesterol.  If your body is cool at night, it will decrease the amount of cortisol produced.  If sleep is interrupted, the body compensates by producing more cortisol, which triggers your appetite.
  • Sleeping naked makes for happier relationships for obvious reasons.  Oh, and bonus skin on skin contact can reduce stress significantly.  It is also good for the female body to breathe easily without the restriction of flannel.
  • Keeping your body temperature lower, reduces the chances of sweating.  Sweating makes hair greasy and gross which is why many people have to shower first thing in the morning.  If that step is eliminated, many people don’t need to shower to wash hair as often.
  • Blood flow is not restricted by elastic waistbands or tight clothing.
  • Letting skin breathe lowers the risk of skin disease such as athlete’s foot since flesh is not trapped in a warm and moist environment.

Oh, and here are a few exclusive AMY REASONS not found using any scientific research or websites:

  • Less laundry! Anything that reduces laundry is a pro in my book.
  • Never feel like you are slowly being strangled or trapped by pants or a shirt that fails to spin appropriately when you roll over.
  • You can actually feel and enjoy those expensive 700 thread count sheets someone bought you for your wedding.
  • You feel less suicidal and homicidal in the summer time when it’s close to the temperature of the sun in the bedroom.

Last night we were laying in bed.  I heard a loud horn honking noise so I paused the TV.  Tom walked out on the deck to see if he could tell where it was coming from.  Of course being a horn going non-stop his first thought was vehicle into a tree.  From our house you can see across the valley to another ridgeline and roads and houses over there.  We could see stationary headlights so we figured that was probably the vehicle.  Quickly we threw on clothes and jumped into the Jeep.  Tom grabbed his flashlight, his gun, and his med kit so that he could give aid when we got there.  I made sure I had my cell phone with a full battery charge so I could call for help in case we were by some weird chance the first to arrive on scene.  Down the hill we went.  We took the dogs so I didn’t have to do a full kitchen sweep of any bread or food on the counters that my dog would get into.  He’s a carb lover and can easily eat a whole package of bagels, hamburger buns or a loaf of bread.

We live on a windy road that goes downhill and with each corner the dogs slid from one side of the Jeep to the other.  At one point they both stuck their heads through between our seats and looked at Tom like he was crazy which was mildly amusing.  Of course he drove though so as to make sure that we got there quickly as he has much more experience with safe and quick driving due to his career which often includes fast driving, avoiding other cars, taking corners as quick and safe as possible, braking and scanning all directions through intersections, checking the computer for updates in the call, and of course holding a cup of coffee.  (That’s not all his fault though.  I tell you, the cup holders in police cars almost never can hold a cup of coffee while driving around a corner without spilling it.  That reminds me of the second vehicle I had, a beautiful red Jeep.  I loved it, but it did this really cute trick where every time I made a right turn it threw my cup of coffee into my lap.  That woke me up on several early mornings driving to college.  When you see Contigo coffee cups on my husband’s Christmas list every year, this is why.  They are the sippy cups of the grown up world and you can toss it into your passenger seat as you initiate a pursuit and it won’t spill.)

We review and watch many officer involved shooting videos across the country as they are released.  We each teach classes where these come in handy for training.  I teach (taught? hope to teach again?) a class to dispatchers called Combat Mindset for Increasing Officer Safety.  One area of it focuses on the importance of truly understanding what an officer is facing to better predict ahead of time what an officer may need.  Tom teaches a similar class to recruits about Combat Mindset and the will to win in a gunfight and how much mindset can make a difference.  Anyways, one video of an officer involved shooting has a fantastic line that really drives this point home.  One officer is asking for his partner in the parking lot while he is returning fire.  As his partner jumps in his car with him and they are starting to pursue the suspect one officer says calmly but firmly to the other, “STARBUCKS.  Grab my Starbucks.”  See, cop cars have bad cup holders.  Someone get on that.

By the time we got to the vehicle on the other side of the valley the horn had stopped and it was in the middle of the road with the hood up.  The driver’s seat was empty and there was a female in the passenger seat.  Tom asked her if everything was ok or if she needed any help and her response was, “no, he’s gone now. It’s ok.”  Not suspicious or odd at all, right? Anyways, we went ahead and called it in since maybe there was more to the story and perhaps she would be more willing to talk to a uniformed officer, not some dude holding a flashlight and wearing shorts (which I don’t blame her).

The dispatcher asked how long the horn had gone off and we said about three minutes.  We came to this amount by doing getting-dressed-math (which is different than pizza math or period math).  I heard it for a few seconds before I paused the TV, then he went out on the deck, then we decided it was a car maybe into a tree so we got dressed and got into our car and it was still sounding at that point.  Of course it doesn’t take too long for me to put on my goat sweatshirt and sweatpants and slippers and for Tom to throw on his dirty T-shirt and his shorts that are the ‘fall down when he chops wood shorts’.

And this is when Tom said to me, “you know, maybe this is why people sleep with clothes on.  So they can just get right into their car if there is someone in distress and they don’t have to take all that time to find their ‘goat clothes’.”

So there is one CON about sleeping naked I guess.



  1. This is a funny post…and so all over the place. lol I feel like there are several squirrel moments in it…maybe not but regardless it was entertaining. For information, I do NOT sleep naked. I get too cold and don’t like cuddling dogs with my bare body…. lol


    • Oh it’s definitely all over the place. Lol I wrote it all in reverse too. I think it works though since it’s amusing. Do your pups sleep under the covers?


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