The Mamas

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I’m incredibly thankful for my mama.  She’s just the best and she’s always been there for me.

  • She started me in dance and then continued to be the best stage mom there ever was.
  • She was the cash distributor for Awana at church, which made her a favorite of many.
  • She was the art mom through all of my elementary years.
  • She planned hotel tea parties for all of us hockey sisters while Josh had hockey tournaments in Canada every weekend.
  • She was always a phone call away during all of my babysitting adventures
  • She took me on my first overseas trip when I was in 7th grade.  We showed London a good time.  I ate deodorant-flavored ice cream at the theater and asked for pickles on a sandwich and got pickled turnips, which FYI are ‘saucy brown’.  A naked man ran through our 9 story bed & breakfast and our room flooded through the door frame; I believe these two events were related, but I’m not positive.
  • She did all of my word searches, coloring and stupid busy work through all of my school years.  I especially remember her coloring a civil war battle.  I still appreciate that.
  • She was there when I signed papers buying my first house.
  • She supported me through every break up.
  • She cultivated relationships with all of my friends through the years.  Many still hang out with her even when I’m not there (rude).
  • She was my partner in crime when one time I was honest and everyone freaked out about it at a job long ago. (do you remember this mom?)
  • She helped me develop my love for working out and enjoying outside and boating.
  • She is the most positive person in the world and as much as it all drove us nuts… it actually taught me how to always find the joy and happy.
  • She prays every time she hears a siren or sees a dog out near a road.
  • She is willing and available to come fold a load of laundry or accompany me to the  boring grocery store pretty much anytime.
  • She faithfully made me guess the answer to the riddles on the laffy taffy before I was ever allowed to eat any, and she taught me to love the banana laffy taffy best.
  • She always loves and supports me in anything I do and prays for me daily.

You see, she’s just so cool and I’m incredibly thankful that I get to be her daughter.


I’m also so grateful that I have a wonderful mother-in-law as well.  You see she did not have an easy job.  She had to keep Tom alive which was a constant battle, as well as instill and cultivate the gentlemanly values that define who he is to this day.  She is a prayer warrior like nobody’s business.  She can tolerate my sarcasm and sass.  She can give mom- lectures about our health and safety that are worthy of award.  She taught me that barns are not for aerial silks, but should smell like hay and poop.  She only laughs minimally (usually) about my lack of ranch and farm knowledge.  She helped to instill that nature can always be washed off.  She loves me even though I’m a Boise State fan, not an Oregon Duck fan.

I’m one blessed lady.

Cheers to moms everywhere!


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