Can You Find the Hidden Words?

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The Brain Gym

Time to visit the brain gym.  Let’s get that brain doing some work.  A few pictures that have words hidden within them.  Can you find them all?  Tell me in the comments how you did! As always, I’ll post the answers at the bottom! These crafty tricks come from

1: Can you find the 6 words in this picture?

garden hidden words

2: What about this one? Also, do you love pizza as much as I do?

hidden word pizza

3: Ok, last one that has 6 words hidden in it.  Show me what you got!

hidden word living room

Don’t give up yet.




Go back and look one more time before you scroll down for the answers.




Ok, keep scrolling for the answers.



Answers below.

Here’s the first with the answers circled.  That SEEDS word took me a long time to find.

garden hidden words answers

Ok here are your pizza answers.  That cheese light was tricky for me!

hidden word pizza answers

Finally, the last puzzle with answers.

hidden word living room answers

Did you find them all?  Either way you worked out your brain which is pretty stinkin’ important in my book.

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