The Next Chapter

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Big Medical Words / Deep Thoughts About POTS

Just eight months ago I was dispatching and the one in charge of running plates and advising officers which of the registered owners was the applicant for the placard. Now I have placards… and good news, they are non-expiring so that seems ominous. 20160427_141717

I don’t plan to use it all the time out of convenience or laziness, but on my bad days it will be super helpful.  Sometimes by the time I get to the extremely efficient and very technical ‘hold up your card’ place of Costco I’m already worn out and done walking.

That part of Costco is always amusing. When my husband was in college he used to save all the fake credit cards that came in the mail and remotely looked like Costco cards and used them to get in and get the 1.50 hot dog and a drink.  My dad gets kicks out of walking quickly and holding up all kinds of random cards. Of course we all actually have the Costco cards, but he is entertained by deliberately not following rules… a condition that is surely genetic and hereditary as I have the same condition.

Anyways, I guess this is the newest thing in my POTS journey. Life sure does have a way of turning and being unpredictable. If my life was a movie it would have so many twists.  My life is the blindside of Survivor tribal council. It’s the unpredictable bracket buster.

But I love it.

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