I’m Not the Only Fainter in this Family Anymore

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That’s right people.  We are now a team of three.  I have two fainting buddies for solidarity.  We are the proud owners of two fainting goats.  Friends, please meet Tilly (on the left) and Bailey (on cinderblock mountain).  I feel like at family meetings they will definitely vote with me because we are a team!


These sweet girls are getting acclimated to their new house and pen.  They are super duper snuggly (with each other because they don’t know that they love me yet) and have the cutest little Baa’s ever.


Tilly won’t eat the hay that is in her house.  Some fell just outside the fence, and she will only stick her head through the fence and eat that hay.  It’s better.  Inside hay is gross.  So far Bailey will eat anything.

Sarge and Hero have not gotten to meet them yet so they are pretty cranky since they can see them through the windows and from the deck.  Oh and I’m positive they can smell them.  They smell like the county fair, but minus the elephant ears.

Yesterday was very long.  We got up at about 0715 and went to the dump.  Then I was feeling a little cranky and Tom was making jokes that no one understood so we had to stop and get some coffee.  Oh, and when it was time to pay, the barista said the lady who pulled up at the other side of the stand paid for our drinks and only asked that in return we do something nice for someone else, which was a pretty easy request! Then we went to North 40 to buy all the goat things.  So many goat things.  They need grain and a mineral block and spray and powder and baking soda and water and acidified copper sulfate for the water.  Next we had to go to the feed store to get hay.  This was my first time at a feed store ever.  On to borrow a dog crate from a friend for goat transfer later.  Then home to build the goat pen.

goat supplies

You can see my trusty wheelchair in the background for the journey through North 40, which would have felt like 40 miles without it.

We had a friend over to help with the building.  An hour or so into it Tom crushed his thumb while driving a T post.  In true friendship style, his friend fell down laughing.  Blood was pouring.  His work glove was completely ripped up, although it probably saved his bone from coming through the skin.  I wanted to look, but also didn’t wanna pass out because that would only complicate things further.  Once he was rinsing it in the sink I had to look because the tendon was visible.  I was instantly reminded that God gave us skin for a reason.  Being men they bandaged it up and then of course finished building the goat pen for about another hour before we left to go to urgent care.  X-ray and stitches in two places, then out the door for the hour drive to get the goat babies.

While the goat owner (goatrepreneur?) was trying to wrangle Tilly, she fainted.  I get it, girl.  Running totally leads to fainting.  On our drive home we stopped at a friend’s house and visited and had amazing nachos for dinner then finally came home to put the goat babies to bed in their new home.

I did WAY too much yesterday and my body let me know.  Fatigue like crazy and during dinner I was light headed and started tremoring.  I definitely needed help getting to the truck after.  My legs still aren’t working much today.  This morning in the goat pen my heart rate was 165 which was a good reminder that I was probably seconds from passing out.  The rest of today and tomorrow will be spent on the couch or in the wheelchair.

In case you are wondering, here are a few fun facts about fainting goats:

  • The actual scientific name is a Myotonic goat.
  • The goats never actually lose consciousness.  Their muscles tense up and freeze when they panic.
  • This is caused by a genetic disorder called Myotonia Congenita.
  • The ‘fainting’ is painless and harmless to the goats.

If you’ve never seen the fainting, here is a video to show you the cuteness.


Happy Wednesday to all of you.  I hope you all can avoid fainting today!




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