15 Gifs that Perfectly Describe Life with POTS

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I decided to gather some GIFs to show a little bit about life with POTS.  Some people speak GIF better than medical/doctor language.


“I just feel a little hot and kinda dizzy.”

Sully Gif

“You’ve never heard of POTS, but you’re pretty sure I most definitely just need to be gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol and joy free?”

Chandler Gif

“What’s that? Everyone is going to do something really fun that involves standing and not passing out?”

Grinch Gif

Those rare symptom free moments!

Rachel GIf

Ok, ER nurse.  You can check my blood sugars but I promise the recurrent passing out has absolutely nothing to do with blood sugars.  What’s that? They are normal?

Bartlett Gif

So true during those high dose Prednisone times.

Joey Gif

Too sick to leave the house.

step brothers gif

When you are low on salt and need to remedy the situation.

fries gif

Whenever any part of your body touches hospital floor or wall.

monk gif

The good old nervous system not being able to regulate temperature correctly.

Donald gif

As soon as one symptoms gets knocked out, there’s always another.

tom and jerry gif

The many restful nights.

Buggs gif

“I can leave the house without water.  I’ll be fine.”

anchorman gif

Trying to make it through the day.

meerkat gif

I so wish this were true.

sheldon gif


Something tells me many spoonies can relate to most of these.  Which one is the most accurate for your life?



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