The Men in My House- A Glimpse of My Life

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Disclaimer: language and inappropriateness and hilariousness.

If you know my husband or any of his friends, you know how incredibly true this video is.  Also, it makes me laugh pretty hard.  If you have a uniformed man living in your house something tells me you can find a way to relate.

Once upon a time my husband was explaining to a few of our law enforcement friends about how I had a stalker years prior.  I can’t even describe how quickly they started planning, preparing and scheming.  About an hour later I had to remind them that I no longer had an issue with that and their plans were not needed.  They were about as sad as my neighbors who filled their garage with freeze dried broccoli and then Y2K failed to live up to their plans.  They tried to sell that at garage sales for years.

Another friend of ours was telling us about a time his wife had alerted him that there was a noise out on his front porch.  She later told him that it took him over six minutes to decide which gun to take out with him.

This may sound foreign to some of you, but in my world this is perfectly normal and expected.  Spending a day at the range is a fun date day for us.  Having shooting competitions off of our porch is a normal activity.  If I see that my husband has commented the word ‘sexy’ onto a Facebook post, it is undoubtedly a picture of a gun.

If you aren’t offended by inappropriateness and language, watch the video.  I guarantee some laughs.  Mat Best is a veteran who is known for his comical tactical videos.


I hope this gave you a happy Friday laugh.  Go out there this weekend and find some smiles. That’s an order.






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