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The most amazing thing happened today at physical therapy.  For whatever reason, my numbers were just good today.  My oxygen was mid 90’s and my heart rate was doing really well, for me and my body.

I was talking to my therapist and working on my hand and forearm strengthening, which by the way I moved up from the one pound to the three pound weight for wrist and forearm things.  I was asking about different cardio I could effectively and safely do on account of my body changes that I’m not really loving.  I told him how much I missed running.  Let me be clear: I hate running and hate it the entire time it is happening, but I do love the feeling I have after running.  He mentioned that since they have the harness for use above the treadmill that technically, technically he could hook me up and just let me run until I pass out because the harness system will catch me.


I only pondered for about 10 seconds before I was on board.

Look for yourself.  That is me.  The girl who in the hospital who could not stand for 3 minutes without passing out.  The girl who sometimes passes out walking down the hallway.  The girl who has tremors and loses control of her arms and legs sometimes.  The girl who uses a wheelchair.

Spoiler alert: I did not run to the point of passing out.  I really only did enough that I could feel free and like I was healthy and normal, even just for a second!

It was amazing.  It was hard (TWSS).

It’s safe to say my physical therapy for the day was over after my victorious moment.

I had to stop and rest once during my drive home.    I used oxygen when I got home and drank several buckets of water.  I did pass out once at home.  Now, about six hours later the chest pain is starting to subside.  My legs are fairly useless and tomorrow will be a lot of resting.

But, you guys.  I ran. There is evidence. I went for a run.  It was surreal.  A little bit magical, as weird as it sounds.

I’m thankful tonight.  Thanks Nate for thinking outside of the box and finding a way to encourage me and let me feel ‘normal’ for a moment.




  1. rasm47 says

    That’s my girl, you make me so proud! Every victory is a victory, and every pause, is just the step to your next victory…

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