That Time We Killed Zombies

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Bobby Pins & Bullets

Two years ago today we killed zombies.  Another perfect entry for my bobby pins and bullets category.

My husband and I (fiancé at the time) were preparing for our wedding and had met with our photographer.  All of the photography packages that they offer come with an engagement session.  We didn’t really see the need so asked if we could trade it in and get extra photos or extra time on wedding day.  They said no because they like to use the engagement session to get to know us.

As we sat in the coffee shop discussing the wedding and portraits, my husband was quietly developing a vision for our engagement session which would soon be brought to life.  I was sipping my coffee while he casually mentioned that we should kill zombies in a formal gown and suit in a tow yard.  What? Did I hear that right?  The photographer’s face lit up.  The more I sat and sipped the more detailed this plan became.

No, I never dreamed of this as a little girl, but I also never dreamed about engagement photos at all so I was fairly indifferent.  Tom was clearly suddenly excited about photos which is unheard of so I couldn’t object or do anything to stop it.  Also, this wedding was actually for both of us so I was more than ok with him having a voice and a vote.

It was more fun than I ever could have imagined.  We went to thrift stores to get clothes to ‘zombiefy’.  We ripped them up, burned them, and stained them with red dye.  We borrowed two willing friends and paid for professional zombie makeup.  It was pouring down rain in the tow yard while we killed off zombies all the while looking fabulous.

Before I go any further, let me say that all of these photos are from the fabulous and talented

We started with the obligatory ‘regular’ shots for a few minutes.


Then we changed into our fancy clothes and headed up to the tow yard for the real fun!





I remember when my brother was looking at these pictures his comment on this one was, “couldn’t you have worn a sweater to pickup the gun?”  Still makes me laugh.


I must clarify that this is a pretend Molotov cocktail.  I don’t need the real government getting all cranky about iced tea in a glass bottle.




Our sweet photographer said she had to watch so many Disney movies to recover from having to add in the blood spatter effect.




The proof that no one was injured during the making of these photos and that we are all actually friends!  Friends who sometimes hang out looking either really good or really bad in a tow yard in the pouring rain.  I’m pretty blessed to say that we have these kinds of friends in our life.

Oh, and let me just say that as far as the purpose of the engagement shoot to ‘get to know the couple’… I think they got to know us pretty darn well.



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