Hoverboard = Fail

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Physical Therapy & Exercise / Smile Makers

Today at physical therapy they let me try out a new death trap.  Yes, it’s a death trap.  One of the physical therapists has a hoverboard and they let me give it a whirl with two people holding me up.  *I particularly enjoy the other therapist in the background saying, “she has problems with balance and passes out and you think this is a good idea?!”*

I think it might be similar to bowling or playing pool in that I’d be much better intoxicated.  Clearly I was just far too sober for this activity.  Ya, that was my problem.


  • It didn’t catch fire
  • I didn’t fall to my death
  • It was hilarious

I did feel a bit like a baby deer learning to walk.  My feet went one way while the rest of me went another way.

Take a look and enjoy!  Not to worry, I posted a hoverboard fail video down below.  If this doesn’t make you crack a smile, I don’t know what will!



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