Vitamin D, but Avoid Direct Sunlight

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About a month ago I went to doctor number 11 or 12ish (I’m guessing. I don’t know how many it really has been) and she asked if I had blood work done recently.  Believe it or not, I had.  She wondered if I had been checked for vitamin D.  I assumed I probably had, but I wasn’t sure.  She said just to be sure she wanted to check.

A week or so later a prescription for Vitamin D was waiting at the pharmacy for me.  Being the detective that I am, I figured my levels must have been low.  Later that week a letter arrived saying the doctor was trying to get ahold of me about my vitamin D results.  Odd that I never received any voicemail, but either way I called and they said my vitamin D was low.  I asked just how low.  She said it was 16 which prompted me to inquire what it was supposed to be.  The nurse informed me that normal levels are anywhere between 30-150.  Well, that’s a touch low I suppose.

I know vitamin D is important because it includes the word vitamin, which is usually a key component.  I’m kidding, but really I have always known that it does wonders for mood and reducing depression.  I have recently learned that it is good for bone health and can help protect against colds too.  Newer research is showing that having a vitamin D deficiency can double your risk of dementia.

The number 1 way to increase vitamin D is to spend time in sunlight.  Those of us with POTS and of course several other ailments, are told to avoid direct sunlight and heat.

peeking at vitamin D

Not to worry friends, I’ve compiled a list of 7 other ways to increase vitamin D:

  1. Eat fatty fish such as salmon, trout, tuna and eel.  I wonder if this includes Unagi?  See video below if you are unfamiliar, or familiar, or just want to laugh.
  2. Milk.  It really does do a body good.  Most cow milk in the US is fortified with vitamin D.  Check the label to be sure, then visit the cookie aisle on your way to the checkout.
  3. Some types of orange juice are fortified with vitamin D as well.  What I just read is some types of mimosas are fortified with vitamin D.  Health first. Cheers!
  4. Egg yolks contain vitamin D as well.  Someone please point me to the omelet bar!
  5. Cod liver oil is high in vitamin D, if you are brave enough for that.  Apparently it is now flavored with mint or citrus and comes in a gel capsule and no longer is hideous to ingest.  For the record, if my choices are mimosa or cod liver oil, bust out the champagne.
  6. Chop up some mushrooms.  Some mushrooms are exposed to ultraviolet light when they are grown which causes them to have even more vitamin D content.  Check the labels to be sure, although all mushrooms have some vitamin D as it is.
  7. If you like shrimp, you’re in luck! 6 ounces of shrimp can account for 64% of daily values recommended.


Go forth and keep up your vitamin D levels!



  1. Not a fan of any of your solutions….LOL I hate fish. Can I just take a vitamin pill? I love the sun. I’m grateful I still get to be in it…however DAY SHIFT is the DEATH OF ME! I get so angry and upset when I have to be inside at work and it’s gorgeous clear blue skies with 70-90 temps. Is there anything to cure/boost that type of mood??? lol


    • I hear you about the fish. I’m not a fan either, but I do still try to eat it occasionally. DayShiftRage is a real thing and I definitely have it too. You’re still mimosa-free right? Hmm… I’ll be thinking about a solution, but I definitely prescribe playoff hockey. And what luck? It starts this week!!


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