Chicken Little-Mama

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In the continuing adventures of our country life we’ve decided to raise chickens.  Now, of course my husband knows all about this while I know not a darn thing.  First, we got a chicken coop and built it together.  When I say ‘built it together’ I mean that Tom built it and I sat in the driveway in my wheelchair and occasionally held a board, but I was an excellent cheerleader.


I read up on which breeds are the most friendly with people and other chickens.  I wanted to do my part to avoid having bully chickens in the mix.   I also read about how many eggs each typically lays per week depending on breed and which did best with free range.  Lastly, I asked my husband the most important question, “how often am I going to find a dead chicken?”

Next was the fun part of picking out the chicks.  Tom was busy buying responsible things like food and lights and water dispensers and pine shavings while Carter and I were busy ooing and awing at all the babies.  Carter picked out two breeds and I picked out two.  We ended up getting a black sex link, a barred rock, a white leghorn, and a buff orpington.

chick in the window

All packed up in the tiny chicken transport house and ready to go! We made it home and began the setting up and naming process.

amy with chick

Carter with chick

chicken to go box

It is a little odd that the chicks come in essentially a KFC to-go box.  No coleslaw or biscuits though.

chicks in coop

Meet Mary, Lucky, Delilah, and Mrs. Robinson (because Jesus loves her more than she can know).  I’m proud to announce that all 4 have survived 5 nights already and I can tell they love it here and can’t wait to lay eggs.  I can tell.


Not to worry little chickie. No worries of becoming a nugget.

I am very excited about this newest adventure!



  1. Happy for y’all! How exciting…however chickens REEK! I can’t stand the things. lol But many people have them so maybe I’m just weird. ha ha


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