The Trials are Real

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The entire focus of this blog is choosing joy, laughter, and smiles throughout the trials.  In each day that is my personal goal.  I just want to take a moment to clarify though that the trials are in fact very real and some day are just shitty.  Just because I choose to focus on the good, it does not make the bad disappear.

Yesterday started with tears and had tears sprinkled throughout.  Tears of sadness and pain.

Yesterday included nausea.

Yesterday included a headache.

Yesterday included intense leg pain and weakness.

life alert

Except of course no leg day needed.

Yesterday included dizziness.

Yesterday included the lowest oxygen reading since the day I was unconscious on the side of the road.

oxygen 81

Yesterday included EM flare ups from hell.

Yesterday had a lot of bad in it.

monday black and white

However, I also created as many distractions as I could.  My parents came to drop off some prescriptions for me, and PIZZA.  We drank some coffee and chatted a bit.

I had a skype session with my sister-in-law Ashley.  Oh and btw, we just happened to have the same sweatshirt on.  There might be 1043.9 miles separating us physically, but we are still on the same wavelength.

skype ashley

Two friends came over in the evening to laugh and watch Dancing with the Stars with me.  Another lovely distraction.

I ended the night taking anti-nausea medication and being able to sleep for a while uninterrupted.  I started the day with tears and didn’t end the day in tears.  So I say that is a win.

As for today, I will follow Cookie Monster’s advice.

cookie monster


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