Camping Conundrum

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It’s the weekend, time to pump up your brain at the Brain gym.

You know I like logic puzzles and riddles.  This one intrigued me.  I can honestly say that I only got two correct out of the nine questions, but that was pre-coffee.  (If I post that disclaimer there then I don’t feel too bad about myself.)

camping puzzle

I’ll list out all of the questions related to the picture above and post the answers down below.

  1.  How many tourists are staying at this camp?
  2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago?
  3. How did they get there?
  4. How far away is the closest town?
  5. Where does the wind blow: from the north or from the south?
  6. What time of day is it?
  7. Where did Alex go?
  8. Who was on duty yesterday (give their name)?
  9. What day is it today?

Ok, while you figure out all these answers, let me entertain you with some camping humor.


bear soft tacos

MMMMM taco bell… moving on.


drunk with insects

I do enjoy camping.  To me this means being in a tent, sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag (that doesn’t keep me anywhere close to warm enough even though it said it was good for negative 15 degrees), eating BBQ chips any time of day, and drinking alcohol any time of day.  One place I differ with a lot of people is that I don’t believe that the only meals should be hot dogs.  I enjoy camp grilled cheese sandwiches and camp pizzas.  Once upon a time I was trying to talk my brother into going camping (his wife was already on board).  I told him, “it’s great.  You can just sit around the campfire and drink at 9 in the morning if you want and no one can judge because you’re roughin’ it out in nature so it’s allowed.”  I remember his response quite clearly, “we have chairs and nine in the morning here!”  Anyways, we won and he came camping and made memories to last a lifetime.  You’re welcome Josh.

camping homeless

This really is true.  It’s never affordable.  I always think it will be and I’m always tricked.


The Answers to the camping logic puzzle:

The wording in italics are my thoughts added in.

  1. How many tourists are staying at this camp? There are 4 tourists. You can find 4 sets of cutlery on the picnic blanket and 4 names on the duty list, if you look carefully.
  2. When did they arrive, today or a few days ago? They arrived a few days ago. A spider was able to build a spider web between their tent and a tree in the due time.
  3. How did they get there? They got there by boat. There are oars by the tree.
  4.  Is the closest village far from there? No, a village is not far. There is a chicken walking around like no one’s business, which means that a village is quite close.
  5. Where does the wind blow from? The north or south? The wind is blowing from the south. A flag that shows the wind direction (windsock) is on top of the tent. How do we know which direction is which? Look at the trees: branches on the southern side are normally longer. (Is it just me or does that seem pretty made up? Is that common knowledge?)
  6. What time of day is it? It’s morning. Based on an answer for the previous question, you know how to tell south from north. Now you can do the same with east and west and figure out the time based on the shadows. (Oh fun, it’s like those math tests where if you don’t know the answer to one, you don’t know the answer to other questions too!)
  7. Where did Alex go? He is catching butterflies. You can see the scoop net behind the tent. (They arrived by boat and he packed a butterfly net? If he packed that instead of the OREOS, he’s probably sleeping with the bears.)
  8. Who was on duty yesterday? Name the person.  Colin was on duty. Colin is looking for something in his backpack (it’s marked with a ’’C’’). Alex is catching butterflies. James is taking pictures (you can see a camera tripod sticking out of his bag). That means that Peter is on duty today, and Colin was on duty yesterday.
  9. What is the date today? According to the duty list, today is August 8th; because Peter is on duty and there is a watermelon on the ground (watermelons ripen in August).

Now that your brain is awake and functioning go enjoy your weekend and find something to smile about!

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  1. madrenellie says

    Well, I was of course flummoxed by the north south east west. Although I did note the Windsock and shadow. I checked the tree for moss to show north, but never heard of the branches thing. I got the rest and liked it. Ps tell the people you were older on these drinkng trips and none of you were living at home!


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