Sunshine & Falling Down from ‘Nope’

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Yesterday was full of sunshine, fun times with the kiddo, some family memories and falling down for the first time due to weakness.  So, if you do the math that’s pretty good odds.  Mostly happy things.

I have only previously fallen down from passing out or extreme dizziness.  Yesterday though I got out of bed and my legs just straight up couldn’t do it and I collapsed.  I didn’t so much love it.  But, essentially if you think about it, my legs just said, “NOPE”.  I feel the urge to share some of my favorite NOPE memes now.  You’ll thank me later.

dog bath


nope fish

And my personal favorite:

cutest nope

Now, on the other hand, I’m happy to report that in the rest of the day I was able to briefly walk through Kohl’s with my mom and get some happy spring things.  I was also able to walk through North 40 with my husband and kiddo to buy some other fun things.  That store is amazing by the way.  I had never been before.  I loved basically everything for the great outdoors.  Amazing dining sets, chairs, swings, fountains, windmills, and fire pits.

Oh, and the sunshine was just delicious to soak in and it’s supposed to be sunny all weekend!

sunshine keys

Notice the snow shovel in the background.  If we put it away, it will most certainly snow (it’s the Idaho way).  I think it’s just going to be summertime décor on our deck.

sunshine keys 2

sunshine keys 3

sunshine 4

Here’s to today! Hoping my legs work and my nervous system works enough to enjoy the day.  If you’re getting sunshine today, go out and enjoy it! If you’re getting rain today, stay in and cuddle up with some coffee and a good blanket.

Happy smiles to you!



  1. I have never seen Tom with is hair “grown” out! ha ha Love the hat….totally makes me think of the Kentucky Derby. Sounds like y’all had a wonderful day. So glad to hear it. 🙂


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