Turkeys, Porcupine & Moose Oh My!

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It’s Spring time at our house and with each season comes more nature.  I thought I’d share a few pictures of our nature.

First up: turkeys.  Male turkeys are called Toms.  Usually we get a group of turkeys and only one Tom in the group.  He brings in his harem of ladies.  Carter calls him the king turkey.  When they use the turkey call they can get him to poof up all fancy (thanksgiving style- as I call it) and show off his feathers.  Sometimes he even gobbles back.  Free fun right there.  My brother pointed out that this is technically just a Tom to Tom conversation since my husband is also Tom.



Last night driving the kiddo home we saw this porcupine.  Carter is so sympathetic and thoughtful that he was concerned about it having a hard time climbing up the hill.  Yet, he also understands the danger they pose for our dogs and that they are not to be touched, played with, or helped up a hill.  In fact, if he sees one on our property he is supposed to tell an adult.  When it comes to nature, I don’t usually qualify as an adult.



Finally, the moose! I was very excited to see the moose.  It’s the first time I’ve seen one on our property.  We have seen moose poop so we suspected they’ve been around and Tom had one run out in front of him on the road a few weeks ago.  But seeing one on our property was just really exciting for this city girl!


Also, look at all of our pretty signs of spring!  Where Tom grew up they called them Soldier’s Spears.  All of my life growing up we called them Purple-Eyed Grass.


Oh and apparently last week there were several elk here, but that doesn’t count because I didn’t see it for myself.  So, I’ll have to wait until I see that to share!

I hope you are enjoying God’s creations wherever you are today!  I wrote this blog post BEFORE I had coffee today.  Let this be evidence in case any of you ever questioned my commitment to sharing smiles with you!


  1. WOW! You have so many Soldier Spears! That’s what the airport used to look like when Tom and I were kids. A carpet of purple, dancing in the breeze.

    Heads up – your nephew (the white, fluffy bumble nephew) is a city boy. He likes to think he is a country boy, but he’s a city boy. He may well bark at the nature show you’ve got going on here. Just be prepared. He will want to protect Aunt Amy from the dangers and assert his manhood (had that removed at six months so not really sure what he is actually asserting) and dominion over the beasts of the field. He doesn’t see himself as a beast of the field, by the way. I try to tell him when he dines on and rolls in the poop of other animals, he is a beast of the field. He ignores me.


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