I’m so Vain… I Probably Think This Song is About Me

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Well, really this is a post about a vanity, but if I think, say, or type the word vanity then I have to sing the lyrics, “you’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you.”

In my life of POTS some things are a guarantee to make my heart rate soar and end with me laying down either by my choice or by gravity’s choice.  One of those triggers is the getting ready process.  Doing my hair and makeup just completely wipes me out.  Blow drying hair is a full on exercise for me now.  I’ve always just stood in the bathroom to do my makeup.  Those days are over now.  I tried to continue that way and my body just couldn’t do it.  Tom would bring in a kitchen stool for me but it was just awkward and hard with the counter.

So I want to share my newest excitement… this fantastic vanity.  I just love it.  It is the perfect size.  I was originally looking for a pretty bench to go with it, but it turns out that my wheelchair works really well with it.

I think this summer it might get a little chalk paint makeover, we’ll see.

vanity 1

I even got these fancy LED lights.  They came with a light switch that turns them on that you can put anywhere.  I put it on the underside of the desk which makes it like a secret switch, which is that much more secret-agent like, and we know that automatically makes everything better!

vanity 2

vanity 3

And I don’t have to tell you that lighting is important.

makeup lighting

I do want to make it clear that lots of days I don’t wear makeup at all, nor do I feel that I am only pretty when I have makeup on, but when I wanna play around it’s really nice to have a place to do it and maybe not pass out.



I’m off to celebrate my newest piece of furniture! Grab your confidence today and don’t let anyone trip over your amazingness!


  1. JD Miller says

    You are saying what I’m thinking….I thought I was crazy when I thought – I seriously cannot even do my hair and makeup anymore! I can’t stand that long and blow drying my hair? I cannot hold my arm up that long.

    Do you also have all the dishes in your kitchen stored above the waist and about head level because who can bend over and who can reach up high….I mean the blood flow just does not allow that!

    Happy you got your vanity!


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